Nude on nude

Dress - Topshop
Coat - ASOS Marketplace / Vintage
Tights - Topshop
Fur collar - H&M
Necklace - Topshop
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Bag - Pop boutique

Hey dolls, 
 Posting this on the same day as this was my outfit on my graduation day (sorry if im boring you haha!) This is what I wore to and from the ceremony, It was quite a chilly day and my outfit was actually so rushed! I only put it together the day before, I didnt realse the tights would be so light! O dear haha but I love the dress and I dont usually layer with so many lighter colours so I thought it might be a little different for my blog, 
Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post! 
 Hope you are all well, 

 Sammi xx


Jessjhx said...

I love your dress :O


Lily said...

The necklace is gorgeous! & love the litas ;)

crayola actually said...

That dress is gorgeous, I really like all the light colours together. Pretty.



Just waiting for toast said...

Sammi you are always so effortlessly beautiful! xoxo

Dragon Mommy said...

Wow those tights are fab!
You look lovely :-)

Holli x

Monia said...

i like your dress ;) whole outfit look lovely ;)

Roos R. said...

Love this! It looks so good on you! xxx

Katie said...

Those tights are so cute!! :). X

Sophia said...

I love this dress. I wanted to buy it in black, but now I think of the nude color, haha :) Oh, and these tights are awesome, love the pattern!

Tina said...

I LOVE THE NUDE ON NUDE!!!! Loveee everything about this outfit, really cute&it makes me want to put a nude on nude outfit together now (:


Meena said...


Amy said...

You look incredible - love the fur collar!
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Fashion Junkie

Julie et Tony said...

J'adore ton style, tu es très jolie!


Sia said...

Super cute! XOXO

katfio said...

Really like this outfit :D

CherryJPriano said...


ms.composure said...

very very cute!!

.x.Sarah.x. said...

Great outfit - the dress is really cute :) xx

Laura said...

Wow, det coat and the collar is like.. so perfect with each other!

A said...

neckles and thigts - AMAZING!

Slater said...

Love the tights!

Bea said...

That coat is amazing.

Miss Sophie Olivia said...

Love this whole outfit! x x x

Reckless Rekha. said...

You look so beautiful Sammi! love the nude tones in your outfit congratulations on your graduation can't wait to be there one day myself. Your outfit tutorials have given me so many ideas thankyou <3

Devina said...

I love the tights! And this is such a cute outfit, you're beautiful sammi :)

Black Cat said...

love the necklace =)

Kamzy's Beauty said...


peachesandnothing said...

Love the shoes and I love tights like that with the line down the back x

Erica said...

Love this look! Soft and romantic!

Cleome said...

Love the detail of your legging in the back. super cute. x

Raquel Cotty said...

I bought a knockoff of the black version of this dress on ebay a few days ago! I can't wait for it to come - wh does it take sooo long for stuff to go from the UK to Canada?!

Congratulations on your graduation! You look lovely - as always!

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Lucy said...

love the necklace! Wheres is from?

AngelaQ said...

Loving your dress and coat. xx

Steffani-Louise said...

love this outfit, that necklace is lovely, topshop have some great jewerly in at the moment xxx

Arabella said...

Ahh I have this dress too! So much nicer than the black or red version I think :) Love what you've paired it with! x


Cute tights!!!!


Sara said...

you look so fashionable and chic! you really know how to layer!

canvasofculture said...

lovely as always! love the last pic:)

Jackie said...

you look so good in the dress!

me+moustaches! said...

I just adore your sense of style! You looke stunning, congratulations on your graduation! And the line down the back of the tights look so quirky, i love them! :)

Ruvic said...



Zoe said...

Gorgeous outfit, i really want the dress in this colour but i already have the black one so cant really justify it!

I love the tights too.

Wadziie said...

love the look soo pretty.. dont know if random but nice background :L <3

LaMonda said...


PommesDAmours said...

Tu es magnifique ! Tu es mignonne et sexy à la foi et tu as un style d'enfer ! Et en plus t'es super belle t'es cheveux sont sublime !!!!J'adore ce look !

Bise :)

PommesD'Amours ♥

Daniel said...

Wow its amazing dressed
Amazing dress glittering like a princess
Very classic :)

becky. said...

those tights are amazing! i have some similar pretty polly ones but they are SO orange haha :)

ihiennguyen said...

Love the shoes! I want one!! -_-"..

Hien x

Verora said...

lovely outfit
keep up doing the good work

Channing in The City said...

I love the faux fur collar, I still haven't figured out how to wear mine yet.

Makeupnonsolo.blogspot said...

Nice outfit!!

islay said...

hello, I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I really enjoy reading your posts! I have a relatively new blog which I try to post regualry on. I would apreciate it so much if you had a minute to check it out!

Thankyou xxx

TheGirlWithTheNotepad said...

I love this layered look, that coat is gorgeous!

Bonnie said...

I have that dress in black and I absolutely love it! so easy to wear, the lighter version is gorgeous too.

Please come and visit my new blog and follow!
More posts will be up soon x

Two-Photographers said...

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NakedBlueberry said...

You can't go wrong with nude, Love it! Need to get my hands on the fur stole!

lolita said...

aww wow you look beautiful love the look x

Yolanda Romero said...


ania said...

lovely outfit!

hello from germany ♥

hanna_xyz said...

I love you're dress & the coat *-*

Boots & Lipstick said...

love your jacket & your dress is perfect!

Zahamira G. Cassis said...

I love the nude layers :)
The dress is sooo pretty!!


jennifer june said...

Awesome style honey! Great blog :) xxx

what the shoe said...

love the tights!

Funmilayo said...

gorgeous outfit :)

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lovefashion said...

That dress is gorgeous and you look so pretty in the dress and your shoes are amazing ^_^ cute! xx

bananapeelings said...

Love this outfit! You are so gorgeous!

gustuk said...

Gorgeous dress!

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