Snake in the grass

Jumper – H&M
Jacket – Thrifted
Leggings – H&M
Faux fur collar – H&M
Creeper look-alikes – H&M
Bag – Bershka

Hey dolls, 

Today I was in central and I picked up a few bits, this is what I wore, I got alot of stares at my leggings haha, I dont think they are the most flattering! =/ but a fun trend to wear if that makes any sense.
 I got the American apparel disco pants in black which I have been putting off for AGESSS because they are so expensive but I think i’ll wear them alot so its justified! What do you guys think of them? I love em! Also picked up a ‘peace’ moschino-like belt from urban outfitters and some more storage from Muji. Theres also a random pic of the boy’s new hat, I thought it was cool!

 Hope you’re all well, 

 Sammi xoxo


65 responses to “Snake in the grass”

  1. Stephaniejw says:

    I have 3 pairs of disco pants and 1 pair of disco shorts. I'd recommend them to anyone. Great buy.

  2. Heather says:

    You look amazing!& I really need to get my hands on some of those H&M creeperlikes LOVE them & love the AA disco pants! ^_^ xx

  3. AngelaQ says:

    Cant wait to see you wearing AA disco pants 😉 Those snake print leggins look really nice, love the photos. I need a trip to Muji. xx

  4. Gorgeous outfit love the fur collar. Need to buy one! Also need to go to Muji keep hearing about it this week! x

  5. Cleome says:

    faux fur collar looks amazing. you look gorgeous!

  6. Well I think the leggings are fab! The looks would have def been of jealousy! he belt is lovely too x


  7. Ekaete says:

    I think the stares were probably complimentary as this I sone of my face outfits you've worn to date.
    You look gorge!
    I have seen people wearing those disco pants and they look awesome.

    Ekaete xx

  8. This Creeper is from H&M ?? I didnt saw it in H&M shop,probably only in London??cause i live in Germany . Omg ! I love this creeper! & You /Your outfit looks gee-rea-atee! 😉


  9. Sara says:

    wow you styled the snake skin leggings so well! you look so chic! i love this outfit!

  10. Jen says:

    love the belt and how you styled the snakeskin leggings.

    J x

  11. you look gorgeous, love those leggings xx

  12. Faye H says:

    the leggings look amazing, you definitely pull them off.
    faye @fashionharvest xoxo

  13. Roza says:

    I've been trying to hunt down those look-alike creepers from H&M for so long, they don't seem to be online or in store 🙁
    Oh well, I shall not give up!

  14. Davina says:

    love the pants and the fur stole!

  15. Arabella says:

    You look absolutely wonderful! Those leggings look amaze x

  16. Skrømt says:

    Love the tights :D!

  17. Catherine says:

    I love the way you put your hair up in this OOTD! And I think I'm gonna order me some MUJI!

    <3 Cat

  18. Charlie says:

    I really love the outfit . And I actually think that your legging is sooo cool . No it doesn't make you look thinner it it is what you mean by "not very flattering" but I don't think you should necessarily wear things that make you look thinner I mean, society wants that of course, but I think you should wear them if you love them . It's not like if you obese or something, when you have illness like that you definitely wanna look thinner and lose weight because it is not healthy, but you look very healthy, you have a perfect body to me 🙂
    If this is not what you meant I don't see anything wrong with those anyway. I adooore the faux fur colar by the way how gorgeous !

  19. i lurrrrrrve those leggings. And that peace belt <3

  20. Romzs says:

    I love the peace belt! I rather think the Moschino belt is quite tacky cause it's so large & ~long!

  21. Laura xo says:

    You're one of very few girls who can pull off those leggings! You look lovely. <3 Love that hat, i'm from Milwaukee so hollerrrr, haha 🙂 xo

  22. love your sense of style:)
    the store behind you looks so cute!


  23. Ruvic says:

    loving the peace belt. and your snake skin like leggings. ;D


  24. Dana says:

    I think that your leggings look very cool! You pull them off. This outfit in general is amazing. The "peace" belt is really nice. I like how it looks like Missoni, but you aren't just wearing a brand name. Does that make sense?

  25. Olivia says:

    I really like the leggings even tho’ they can look kinda weird at the first sight ! 🙂

  26. Kiersten says:

    we have a warehouse american apparel sale in my city this weekend. up to 90% off! SO EXCITED

  27. Sophia says:

    Love your outfit!!! And I need these disco pants, they seem to be the perfect black pants. But they're so expensive… 🙁

  28. Miss Diva H says:

    seriously you look over the top! its super how you work the snakeskin pants and the fur coat.i've followed you since you're amazing!please visit my blog 😉 love,xoxo

  29. Iggy Jay says:

    Disco Pants = love

  30. Marilù says:

    Love the look!

  31. Tascha says:

    The fur collar looks like such a staple piece! I need to get myself one!

  32. I bought a fur stole yesterday for a 1940's party I'm going to on NYE. I'm soo going to wear it with my leather biker jacket now! Oh and girl, with legs like yours I'd happily rock a pair of snakeskin leggings! Xx


  33. amazing look♥:)

  34. Chiara says:

    you look stunning!!!!

    LOVE the Peace belt 🙂

  35. I always love looking at your blog! Love those leggings I dont care if people stare theyre awesome!! SO wear em and own it! haha! Loveee the disco pants! I've been wanting a pair of my own but havent found a place to buy em I'll look at the AA now thanks!!

  36. Ana says:

    Killer creepers! I want one pair so badly, where did you get yours?
    xxo Ana

  37. i love your sneakers. You are amazing!!

  38. I'm actually from Milwaukee, so I smiled when I saw the hat…CUTE. I think the leggings look great on you, BTW.

  39. Vicky says:

    Love your style!!


  40. Ivory † says:

    Love your shoes!

  41. kirstyb says:

    loving the trousers x

  42. Zoe says:

    I love your style!! The whole outfit looks fab 🙂

  43. you look amaaaazing! love the leggings

  44. You look great in the H&M Creeper I've wanted a pair for a while and was't sure.

  45. Kirsty F says:

    love these leggings! so funny im actually looking for some snake print jeans/leggings right this minute haha

  46. Hannindrome says:

    What a tiny bench!

  47. keschen says:

    Hi, I've just stumbled across your blog and its amazing. I love the way you put your outfits together and you are gorgeous 🙂
    I am a fashion blogger as well and would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow me there. I will definitely follow you back :):)

    You can also find me at twitter(@RaindropsofRed) and facebook(Raindrops of Red)


  48. Deanna says:

    The reptile print is so sexy honey!

  49. Raquel says:

    I love the leggins !!! :D*

    You look amazing.

  50. Can't believe those shoes are from H&M! Checked on their website, don't seem to sell them anymore! 🙁


  51. ania says:

    love your purchases. would be sooo happy if you visited me on my blog ♥


  52. Bente & Eva says:

    Hi sammi,

    I saw a website (they also have stores) which sells dr martens for real cheep. I don't know if you know them already but i thought you'd like to know.


  53. I have this faux fur collar from H&M – its so fluffy and comfortable, I love it! I adore your outfit, ecspecially the leggings. I love your blog so much, I like looking through your photos and seeing what fabulous outfits you have created xxx

  54. Lini says:

    I think I sat on that bench when I went to London this year 🙂 I'm loving your H&M Creepers!

  55. Doma-Nikki says:

    I love those leggings def some I would wear 🙂

  56. becky. says:

    those leggings are lovely, i think they look really flattering on you actually 🙂 x

  57. I always love your updates.
    I would love it if you could have a look at my blog:
    cheers xo

  58. mocha says:

    what a nice photos….I like so much…

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  60. Fiona Sykes says:

    This outfit is so gorgeous, its perfect!

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