MAC vegas Volt & Wonderwoman collection

Hey dolls,
I thought i would share with you what i think about Vegas Volt lipstick, pink lemonade lipgloss and some bits from the wonderwoman collection!

Above is what vegas volt looks like on me with pink lemonade on top, I love it! I wasnt sure about vegas volt on its own because it does appear very orange on me which im not used to but with the lipgloss on top I am in Love! =]

Then we have the Wonderwoman bronzer in Golden Lariat, it has a contour/bronze shade, a copper toned shade and a highlighter shade, they are all lovely! My favourite is probably the middle bronze shade.

There is also the blusher in Amazon princess, lovely bright pink colour with a bronzy rose colour by the side, I havent tried this one out as much yet but it looks gorgeous!

The packaging im still not sure about, I dont think I would bring it out with me but its nice to have in my collection!

What do you all think of vegas volt lipstick and the wonderwoman collection?

Sammi xoxo


Face of fashion No.4

Taken at LFW, stunning use of layering
Carnaby street, quirky and fun style
Covent garden, Minimal and block colour, gorgeous hair and stunning no-makeup face
Notting hill, Focus - coat and bag

Hope you like this this fourth instalment =]
I am going to be in London alot more this week and next trying to collect even more photos!
Also dont forget you can also send in your own style photos to;

hope your having a lovely day!

Let me know what you think of the outfits,

Sammi xoxo


MAC LFW Event!

Hello Dolls,
I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the MAC event at LFW (day 2), We watched a short video on the s/s makeup trends and then we had a makeup masterclass by the fabulous Terry barber (who i'm photographed with above) who is the MAC director of makeup artistry. He re-ceated an amazing, 70's inspired, red and yellow/gold look which is the most up to the minute seen look at the Jean Pierre Braganzea's AW11 show! I loved it, i'm scared to wear reds but this swayed me!

We also had the privilege to view the a/w11 Betty Jackson show, This was my first time at a catwalk show and I was absolutely blown away! i felt like I was in another world it was so glamourous =]

Afterwards me, Shirley, Zara and milly mingled for a little bit and had our makeup done by some of the mac artists! I had a glossy red lip done (Which started to get on my teeth so i took it off after a little while lol)

After the event me and shirley made our way over to Oxford street for a spot of food and shopping. At topshop there was a talk going on also which was from fashion blogger Susie bubble and the blogger who writes for topshop's Inside/out, it was really interesting to listen to =] I got some footage!
The whole day was amazing and I cant say thank you enough to those who made it happen!

Everyone at LFW was dressed breathtakingly, it was like being inside a magazine! I must go back to get more style snaps,

I hope you all enjoyed the photos! I have some footage also which I will try up upload to youtube,

Hope you all are well and let me know what you think of the makeup look!

Sammi xoxo


Hop, skip & jump

There photos were taken a little while ago, before my hair was darker so thats why it looks like it did before!
These were taken on one of my many trips to london, I have some exciting posts coming up, I was recently at LFW day2 at an amazing event which I will share with you all! Bare with me =]
Im also thinking at the moment of getting a new camera so there might be even better quality photos also! Also better quality videos if you watch them =] stay tuned!

I have such a crazy week coming up but I shall be updating my blog even through the madness!

Hope you all are well =]

Jumper - Topshop
Shorts - Primark
Tights - Primark
Brogues - Primark
Scarf - Topshop
Bag - Topshop

Sammi xoxo

(Dont forget to send me your style photos to =]


Face of fashion #3 + Send me your style

Hey dolls,
Another batch of London street style!
Hope you like, i'm also going to something rather exciting!

For my FMP magazine I will be including a street style section where you can send me your photos and I will include them in an 'online' section of the magazine!
I love snapping street style out and about but it would be great also to get photos of your style if you would be willing to send them over to me! [You don't have to be from anywhere specific]
When I get enough I will also blog them so you would be featured on my blog along with your blog address if you wanted =]

Please also send along:
- Your name
- Age
- Where you are from
- Blog address (if you have one)
- How you'd explain your style
- Your inspirations =]

The photos should be of a good quality with good lighting and full length, just showing your personal style. think along the lines of the fabulous llymlrs self portrait photos or Lookbook style.

Get snapping your outfits and send them along to:

Cant wait to see them! hope you enjoyed this post =]

Sammi xoxo


v d a y

Hey dolls,
I just wanted to wish everyone a happy valentines day if you shall be spending it with a boy today or not, if you are, have a lovely day and if not, who needs men eh? lol ^_^
I posted a valentines look yesterday if you havent seen it i'll include it below,
Have a lovely day!

Sammi xoxo


Face of fashion #2

Hey dolls,
So carrying on with my street style blogging here is the second batch!
I made my way up to knightsbridge the other day where I tried to get a few photos, I thought it would be good as it was a saturday but the busyness proved to be too much at times! Made it a tiny bit more difficult to stop people!
Here are a few photos from the ones I took...i need to work on the lighting settings but i hope you like them!

Where: Knightsbridge
Focus: The black on black with YSL leopards print boots, striking!

Where: Outside Harrods
Focus: Layering, love the scarf & hair colour.

Where: Outside harrods
Focus: Mismatch - Furry hat with floral tights and converse, but works!

My outfit of the day just thought I would throw it in =]

Sammi xoxo


IMATS 2011 Pics

Hey dolls,
I recently went to IMATS in London with my sister where we met up with a few other youtubers/bloggers! It was such a good day =] It was great to meet and see people!
Here are some pictures from the day, I go into more detail about IMATS in my vlog here.
Hope you like the photos!

Photographed: Daniella, Shirley, Trisha, Grace, Natalie, Rhiannon, Wande & Kayge

Did you go? Might you go next year? ^_^

Sammi xoxo