Round my hometown

lool not sure what this pose was

Top - H&M
Leather gilet - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Bag - H&M
Best - Rokit
Hat - H&M

Hey dolls,

[I'm getting quite frequent with the old posts eh? haha I hope you like!]

Today I took a trip uptown with my sister, I am skint at the moment so I only picked up some vintage levi's and a mens college vest (sounds so dodgy lol) from Beyond retro and Rokit. It was nice as always but also...tiring! I now sit on my bed watching family and trying to get over what I just witnessed...Geordie shore...wth lol

My outfit today was kind of casual and black and white! I wanted to look ok but still be kind of comfy!

Oh my gosh I went into Urban outfitters to try on some creepers (because I WISH I had some!) and as we were about to leave I spotted.......wait for it..... JC Litas! I tried them on and didnt want to take them off, they only seemed to have this design though which is a bit weird but I guess its not the worst one! They're flogging them from £120 though...hmmm
I eventually had to take them off and leave =[ otherwise they might have come and asked me to leave the store or something haha

Sammi xoxo


My Urban ears

Top & necklace- Topshop
Shorts - Primark
Headphones - Urbanears

Hi dolls,
This post may not appeal to some of you but its a cool accessory which I thought some of you might want to know about because I personally love them!
I was recently sent over some headphones from Urbanears, they are a great bright, funky, trendy accessory aswell as wicked headphones sound wise! They have an array of colours to choose from, literally...loads! it was really hard to choose, I went with a pastel green (Pistachio) because thats an unusual choice for me and I thought something different would be nice =]

They have been seen on Jameela Jamil and Snoop dawwwg haha, I thought that was nifty! I love Jameela Jamil ^_^

I believe these ones retail at £60 which I think is an ok price, They do earphones aswell if you are a little tighter on cash, I think they would be a perfect fun kind of splurge or birthday present. They sound is great, its not the 'dre beats' kind of sound but then you have to pay hundreds for that!

I love mine and I love the colour! They are also soft to the touch and have a lovely velvety feel,

I hope you found this interesting! Sorry if not, I thought it just something a bit different =]

Sammi xoxo


Live, LOVE, laugh

Jumper - H&M
Skirt - LOVE
Wedges - H&M
Necklace - Fashionology
Bag - H&M

Hey dolls,
Hope you are all well!
I was recently sent along this gorgeous nude, wrap, pleated skirt from LOVE I picked it out from a large selection of tops, bottoms, dresses and skirts. I thought as its a skirt I can wear it a few different ways (rather than a dress maybe) Its lightweight, flowy and sheer, In other words perfect for this years trends! The only thing is it is quite long so if you are short its helpful to pop on some heels!

Anywhoodle i've linked it so you can check out the site, they are also in Topshop stores (probably slightly bigger ones) if you didn't want to shop online!
Ugh sometimes my faces in these fashion posts are so bad haha! It dosent matter I guess! :p
Btw guys I love reading your comments! thank you and sorry if i cant reply to all of them! x

Sammi xoxo


Leather, feathers, spikes and leopard

Top - H&M
Leggings - H&M
Cardi - H&M
Loafers - New look
Necklace - Topshop
Bag - Beyond retro
Rings - Market, LLYMLRS shop, H&M, Topshop

I visited lakeside shopping centre and this is the outfit I wore =] Not much to say really for this post but I hope you like it =]

Sammi xoxo


once upon a week...

Ricky being tattooed at TattooUK

Jewellery from Topshop I picked up recently

SleekMakeup Nude collection which i'm loving!

I've been living in these shoes! ballet flats from Topshop

Hey dolls,

Here are some pics which I have snapped over the last week or so =]
Just a little glimpse of what i've been up to and some new things i've picked up,

Planning a little trip tomorrow I think so i'll put photos from that up soon enough!

Hope you are all well,

Sammi xoxo


My native hearts

Top - Topshop (long ago)
Shorts - Native Heart
Boots - Office
Necklace - Topman
Belt - Rokit
Hat - H&M

Hi dolls,
I was recently sent some dashing shorts from Native heart, they do lots of different styles, you can contact them if you would like them distressed or studded in a certain way and they'll customise them for you..which is smashing! I chose some studded on the back (they're a bit too small for me though =[) and then I spotted these pink ones and fell in love!

They also do other pieces which are equally as on-trend and unique, every time i check the site something new seems to of been added! I really recommend the site if you like that bohemian/edgy look =]

I bought a few magazines the other day which I still need to read through but i just thought it would look cute haha! Anywhoodle, i'm getting prepared to watch 'Insidious' tonight with the boy, i've seen it before but hid the entire time, I shall try to actually watch it this time! haha

Sammi xoxo


Burgundy & Acid

Shirt - Pop boutique
Jeans - H&M (£15)
Necklace - Topshop
Belt - Rokit
Wedges - H&M
Bag - Ebay

Hello lovlies!
So the day before yesterday I met up with the lovely jubbly Shirley ^_^ some of you may know her from her stunning blog meek-n-mild, if not, check it out!
We met to go to a press event so we had a look around the shops and had a starbucks beforehand..but then we realised that we both mistook the time of the event and we regrettably missed it! fail haha
But it actually turned out great because I got to spend some quality time with Shirley and it was funtimes! I picked up some jewellery from Topshop, some storage from MIJI and some magazines from selfridges, we wanted to go and check out forever21 but they had blocked it off! =[
Anywhoodle, then we found some quieter spots to snap our outfits, Shirley snapped these for me! (on her amazing camera..i want it! haha)

Hope you like it =] I know ive worn this shirt a few posts back so I hope you dont mind the repeat!

Hope you are all having a lovely day,

Sammi xoxo


check-in at my Motel

Hey dolls, I have exciting news! I have teamed up with Motel Rocks and I have my own pop-up blog shop on the Motel site! I have chosen some pieces which I think reflect me and my style and so if you like my style or just want to browse a little bit, check out my shop here!

These jeans and the belt were courtesy of Motel Rocks and they are pieces from my shop, I will be soon doing a 'takeover' on the Motel twitter so watch out for that! and I shall be doing a guest blog post.

Sunnies - River island
Top - Primark
Jeans & Belt - Motel (my shop!)
Heels - Topshop
Bag - Alexander wang knock-off from EBAY
Jacket - Thrifted
Lips - Russian red


22 years young

Hey dolls,

Sorry for less posts at the moment, it was my birthday on Wednesday and so its been pretty crazy, heres what I got up to ^_^

We had breakfast at Cafe' Rouge where I made my sister try the french toast with fruit (Im a bit obsessed with it now) we just about reached it to still get the breakfast menu by two minutes (we didnt run to catch it or anything....-___- lol)
Then after we made our way up to west end where my mum surprised me by taking us to Savannah Jerk, it had the most amazing caribbean food! I had Achee and saltfish with rice and peas for my main meal...NOM!
Then my family also surprised me by taking us to go and see The phantom of the opera! I hadnt been before and had always wondered what It was was spectacular, the singing was breathtaking...ahh now I want to watch the film!
Then we had a little dessert at Haagen Dazs (Ice cream and a brownie!) and we plodded off home rather sleepy!
It was such a lovely day and im so thankful! Also thank you to everyone who sent me bday wishes on twitter! or anywhere else =]

The last few photos are my bday presents! It was so lovely of my family, I got some CHANEL perfume and a powder compact, a lovely necklace, a cheeky mug, some lush goodies and some white Docs!

I didn't want to post this as a brag, I hope no-one took it that way! Just wanted to share my bday with you =] hope you liked this post and happy birthday to anyone celebrating it at the moment!

Sammi xoxo