Jumper - Topshop 
Skirt - American Apparel 
Tights - Primark
 Heeled chelsea boots - Topshop
 Bag - Bershka 
Necklace - Regal rose 
Hat - Beyond retro 

Happy halloween!
 I LOVE halloween so much! Its my favourite time of year, my fave 'holiday' =]
 Hope you have a great day even if you don't celebrate it! I might do a halloween themed post but I have to go off out today so for now I leave you with an OOTD! 

 Are you doing anything for halloween? 

 Sammi xoxo


Cosmo blog awards!


Hi dolls! 

 This wednesday I was invited along to the Cosmo blog awards! I was nominated and shortlisted in the 'beauty vlogger' category alongside many other AMAZING youtubers, I was stunned to find out, I WON! I'm so excited to have won! I want to say thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, I appreciate it so much! ^_^ 

 So I headed on down to the awards which were just off of Carnaby street in London, along with Lexi (Who was also shortlisted!) and we also met and chilled with Suzi a little later! We had a few cocktails, munched on the Canap├ęs and watched the wall projection of blogs and youtube channels being displayed. We had a few photos taken at the photobooth which was fun! 
Then we were called over to the other end of the room for the announcements of the awards! My category was close to the last so It was a rather anxious time, When my name was called I was like...WHAT?! haha, I had to rush over to the little stage from the back of the crowd, pick up my award and pose for a quick photo! (I was so nervous about it! I felt my heart beating so fast haha) 

 Afterwards we had a bit of photo-time in the toilets (as you do) chatted away and then we made our way home! We all received an AMAZING goodybag, contents above, I also show everything in my video =] I also wanted to say congrats to everyone who was shortlisted and who won on the night! It was such a great experience and im so thankful to have even been invited. 

 So again, thank you guys for supporting me and voting! I wouldnt be anywhere if people didnt read my blog and watch my videos ^_^ 

 Hope you are all well! 

 Sammi xoxo


American Apparel Flea market

Hey dolls! 

 So last thursday I went up to Brick lane because there was an American Apparel flea market on! (up 90% off everything) It was on till tuesday and I wanted to get this post up as a 'heads up' and tell you guys to go but I again could'nt get round to it! 

 It was MENTAL! I went with the boy and we waited in the queue for about an hour which winded its way up brick lane and moved quite slowly. When we eventualy got in it was mayhem! Girls, boys, clothes flying around everywhere, sections which were apparently changing rooms (you saw the odd flash of bum), The queue wound round the whole room. 
I looked around for about half an hour, the clothes that were there wernt the BEST of the clothes AA do but if you looked properly you could find some gems. Then we waited in the queue to pay for about 40 minutes, GOSH!

 They advertised it as a massive sale, 90% off, loads of things for £1, in reality most things were around £15/20 and only the nail polishes were £1 but still I figured the amount all these clothes will come to is the equivalent of about 2 things when you go in the actual store! 

 So above is what I got my hands on! I wonder if any of you guys went or heard about it?

Sammi xoxo


Alton towers '11

Hey dolls! 
Ok so my claim that I wasn't going to be as bad as last week...was pitiful! =[ 
 Im so sorry guys! The week has been so crazy again, I got back from Alton Towers yesterday, 
I went on friday and came back saturday, It was great! The park was open till 9pm and there were mazes and a zombie walk-through and all sorts ok cool crazy things! ^_^
 I went with Ricky (the boy) and we stayed in the splash landings hotel overnight, we were sooo tired by the end of the day! (I had been up since 4am) On the second day we went on oblivion twice, got some doughnuts and then headed back home (as you do). I didnt get too many pics from the trip but here are a few! 
 I'll have a vlog video up soon from Alton Towers, Hope you all are well! 

 Have any of you been recently? I recommend it around halloween time! 

 Sammi xoxo


Yet another n y l o n

Jumper - H&M 
Skirt - Topshop sale 
Boots - Monki 
Bag - Bershka 
Faux fur stole - H&M 

 Hey dolls, 
 Oh my gosh im so sorry I havent updated for a week! 
Thats really bad, This week went so quickly and I couldnt think of what to blog or just didnt have the time! 
This was my outfit today, similar to a look I styled for my recent 'how to style jumpers' video but I hope you like! I wanted to wear the faux fur all day but couldnt as the weather was so strange! 
Had quite a nice day, I avoided the main shopping centers because on saturdays they are too much! Just went for a nandos with my sister and after looked around some charity shops but didnt find anything good =[ 
 I've got a few posts coming up soon, promise I wont be as bad this coming week! 

 Tomorrow is the last day everyone can vote for me for the Cosmo blog awards! 

If you would like to vote the link is below and thank you so much if you do! =D 

 Sammi xoxo


My lust list

UNIF Hellraiser flats
 H&M Faux fur collar 
Blue creepers 
UNIF watercolour cutout blouse 
Michael Kors gold watch 
Topshop Heavy full skirt 

 These are some of the things i'm REALLY lusting over at the moment! 
 Some of them are unrealistic but hey a girl can dream! lol *cough* michael Kors watch 
I've wanted to do one of these posts for a while, hope its fun to look at if anything! ^_^ 

 Sammi xoxo


Water under the bridge

Shirt - Thrift 
Tights & Pop socks- Primark 
Scarf - Spitalfields market
 Creeper knockoff's - H&M
 Bag - Pop boutique 

 Was strolling around Richmond the other day, Me and the boy went to eat at 'Gourmet burger kitchen' It was yummy, their onion rings! *drool* Then we just chilled, I went into some charity shops but didnt find diddly-squat =[ It was nice to walk along the river and thats where the snaps were taken. 

Its been really odd weather recently, it was kind of overcast at the time...Again, dont panic! i was wearing my trusty H&M skirt under the shirt so no bottom mishaps!

 Hope you're all well, Sammi xoxo

 p.s. Im shortlisted for the Cosmo blog awards!! Its for my youtube channel, If you would like to vote for me I would really appreciate it! ^_^ Click here to vote, you just have to enter your email address, go to 'beauty vlogger' and click on me! 

Thank you if you do xx