A particularly perfect package


Hey dolls,
Today I was pottering around the house when I heard the front door buzz and to my surprise there was a package from Fashionology.nl for me!
I pretty much ran upstairs and opened it and this is what was inside! I feel like the designs are very whimsical and cultural, I love the different stones and the theme of purple and silver..Im a big lover of layering silver Jewellery!

I have quite a few pieces of Fashionology jewellery and the pieces I have havent even tarnished (If they have atall its minimal) and i’ve had some for at least a year! (Basically,better than Topshop quality jewellery haha)
The jewellery all feels very sturdy, nothing I’ve had from them has broken and I love how Fashionology has on-point, on-trend jewellery, I think the only bummer is that they are not based in the UK but from what I can recall it dosent take alot more than a week for the items to be shipped to the UK.

Anywho Im rambling a little bit but it was so nice of Fashionology to send me these items, I just wanted to share them with you guys straight away! It was a surprise package and they havent asked me to blog or talk about the pieces I just love them this much! ^_^

What do you think of the jewellery? Whats your favourite piece?

Samantha x


105 responses to “A particularly perfect package”

  1. Farah says:

    wauw love it! it's also from holland!
    http://fafafoomfarah.blogspot.com/ xo

  2. Lily says:

    Oh wow, they've got your style spot on! Some great pieces here 🙂


  3. maisiedeir says:

    wow you lucky girl! those rings are AMAZING i need xx

  4. Wadziie says:

    oh those are great pieces
    hope you enjoy them ^_^


  5. Rebecca♥ says:

    Wow! Such a gorgeous selection of pieces! Love them all. whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xx

  6. I normally prefer gold to silver jewellery but that ring with the purple stone is UH-MAZING xo

  7. Megalolz!!!! says:

    I love the bracelet and the feather necklace!

  8. belle says:

    All amazingly beautiful!!!!

  9. . says:

    Amazing! I love the feather necklace and the cross bracelets! xx

  10. Anette says:

    Yess – thease rings are soooo perfect, beautiful colors!!!

  11. ha.rose says:

    Love the rings! And the blue stone necklace, really gorgeous!

  12. Sarah says:

    You are so lucky! I love everything! xxx

  13. Gem says:

    Everythings so gorgeous! I especially love the purple stone necklace!

    Gem x

  14. MegTurner says:

    WOW, Love all of it 🙂

    Your so lucky :)!!


  15. Stylish Kid says:

    love all of them <3 especially the feather necklace!

  16. BeautyBits says:

    The bracelets are so nice:)

  17. Andrea Clare says:

    OOOOOOOo I want those two cross bracelets!!


  18. OMG, they are so beautiful. I LOVE ALL OF THEM =)

  19. V says:

    These are so lovely!!!
    The rings! The violet stoned necklace! :O Fashiogarsm?


  20. wunderbar says:

    so lucky! i looked up the items and there's over $300 worth of goodies here, amazing 🙂

  21. Aww, how sweet is that? I love the feather necklace…it's so beautiful 🙂 <3

  22. Nadia says:

    what is that piercing called at the top of your ear, where it like curves round? aah its amazing! and i love them cross bracelets <3

  23. Sabrina says:

    Everything is gorgeous-everything!!
    xoxo Sabrina

  24. April-Lily says:

    loving the feather necklace x

  25. Stand-Up-Out says:

    i love the bangles, this is a good heads up and youre so lucky!!


  26. rachel says:

    you're very lucky! they have such amazing pieces. i love those rings and bracelets, neeeed xoo

  27. Alex says:

    😀 sooooo coool pieces ! love the earings !


  28. M.rolez says:

    So lucky Sam !! xoxo form spain love

  29. Nancy says:

    I defiantly need those bracelets!! xxx

  30. ceara says:

    i love the cross bangles, the are so unique, and they suit you so much it feels like they were made for you! hehe


  31. Benita says:

    amazing collection of jewellery… love them all

    http://bscoutingblog.blogspot.com/ xo

  32. Sarah Anelay says:

    The bangles and earrings are just so nice! Loving the purple ring aswell:)


  33. OMG! they are beautiful pieces of jewellery your lucky! i cant wait to see what you style them with 😀

  34. how lucky are you, these are amazing these item, those bracelets need to get in my life right now xx

  35. Vicky says:

    those are some lovely pieces, you're so lucky! love the blue and feather necklaces 🙂

  36. Maureen says:

    loving the bangles very nice

  37. Jenn says:

    You are sososo lucky!
    I have been lusting after that feather necklace for the longest time 😉 x x

  38. Victorie says:

    woow, i love these bracelets 🙂

  39. Jodie says:

    The bracelets are beautiful.. i love all the jewellery! And so kind of them to send it to you!! xxxx

  40. They have put thought into the items they sent as they are all the things that you love like the feathers and crosses hehe!


  41. Definitely jealous of all this, everything is right up my street! i love the bangles especially 🙂

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  42. I love the necklace with the purple stone x

  43. Kimberly says:

    love them all such great pieces definitely your style!


  44. I love the crystal necklace and ring, and the eye earrings! You're so lucky! I probably can't even afford one of these items!

  45. pinkvick says:

    im actually in love witht that bangle <3 XXX


  46. OMG! I am in love with their jewellery!! I will be deffinately purchasing some 😉

    Amen Fashion 17

  47. Love it all but the blue stone necklace is my fave!

    -Good Wear Day-

    Lois xx

  48. Meggy says:

    Omg they're gorgeous! I want them all! x

  49. Emma says:

    OMG I just LOVE everything and wont them all *_____________*

  50. Kiwi says:

    You got some lovely piece's, I love them all
    Gonna have a look at there website 🙂
    Kiwi ..x

  51. Leigh Hazel says:

    my favourite piece here is the cross bracelets, i have an obsession for cross' at the moment.


  52. the jewelry looks amazing. the service is very good but i think the things are a bit pricey :/
    but i really love the minimal style of it. classy/simple but chic! 🙂



  53. Lola Loves says:

    They sent you some lovely bits. I adore the cross bracelets. x

  54. Zoe says:

    Lucky you, you were sent some lovely things there!! 🙂


  55. Eeeeeek!! How amazing! My favourites have to be the bracelets! I've had my eye on these for quite a while now but waiting to save some money so I can buy more to save on postage hehe cheap skate what I am!xxx

  56. georgia says:

    Lucky you – love the bracelets!!

  57. Chahana says:

    in absolute awe of all the pieces! gorgeous!!!

  58. Jenna Hughes says:

    i love the eye jewelry! as well as those stone rings


  59. Yhara says:

    I freaking love the cross braceletss ! how amazing of them to sent you a nice gift. enjoy themmmm ! -xoxo

  60. misfitdina says:

    1.) Whoever wrote that note has reaaally nice handwriting, lol.
    2.) I wish they had sent you (isn't that weird) a ring version of the eye earrings and necklace, it's pretty boss.
    3.) My favorite of all you received are the cross bracelets, ohmygoodness they are delicious.

    You've been getting a lot more packages from higher end companies and so that must mean you're getting more famous! Lol.

    Good luck on your future blogging! Nice pictures btw(:


  61. Oh these jewellery pieces are awsome!!:D Love them!

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  62. A says:

    lucky girl! can't wait to see this again!!!


  63. beautiful pieces, the rings are my favourite 🙂

  64. Lara Inez says:

    The rings are absolutely gorgeous !!

  65. . says:

    Lucky girl! Some really interesting pieces 🙂

    For my blog, click here <3

  66. Ann-Kathrin says:

    wow you're so lucky 🙂
    the bracelets are sp pretty <33

  67. those rings are the most beautiful things i have ever seen! love the bracelets too xox


  68. LoveNoLies says:

    I love the braclets best, they are gorgeous! You're so lucky you get sent this stuff! xo

  69. Femke. says:

    Love Fashionology!!
    You've got some great jewelry!!
    And I love your style 🙂


  70. Naomi says:

    love your blog!

    would be really grateful if you could check out mine <3


  71. Drea says:

    Just gorgeous!! Every piece!! Will be checking them out!!

    Drea xoxo


  72. Casual dressing is interesting with accessories…I like the stuff you have displayed here…silver always makes a look very stunning and eye catchy.organic lipstick

  73. GREEDS says:

    Wow, those cross cuffs are perfection.


  74. Natalie says:

    wow wow!amazing!

  75. What a perfect package with awesome jewelery. I am addicted of these type of deals.
    sterling silver jewelry

  76. K says:

    OMG, you lucky girl!! i love it!!! and the rings, PUH!!! i want one asap!!!

    love K

  77. Adele says:

    Hey! Just discovered your blog. Love the feather necklace! Would love you to stop by my blog & if you love please follow, I'll be happy to follow you back xoxo

  78. DawnieP says:

    Oh wow! That feather necklace is completely gorgeous!



  79. Mademoiselle says:

    I just love your style! It's really awesome! 🙂
    The things are great, I like that feather necklace! It's gorgeous!



  80. Chloe says:

    EXTREMELY JEALOUS. You're a lucky girl!

  81. Jade says:

    LOVE every peace of your jewelry!!!! god i wishh i had those!!
    especially the feather onces and the cross bracelets.

  82. Skrømt says:

    Omg love the jewlery!

  83. Vicky says:

    Its all so amazing, fabulous brand xxx

  84. Erin says:

    I've been meaning to do an order every since I saw your cross earrings! Those bracelets are everything 🙂 Probably sold out by now….*logs on to check*

  85. Katie says:

    oh wow you're so lucky, the bracelets are incredible! I'm going on the website to find them now!

  86. mj says:

    Cannot wait to get my hands on some of these pieces on payday!

    I adore the rings.

    New to blogging



  87. M. says:

    Lovely jewellery, but too fregging expensive! 🙁

  88. Zoë G. says:

    So jealous ! I love the necklace and earrings with the eye !!


  89. Jay says:

    lucky girl 🙂
    they're amazinggggg



  90. Love says:

    Those are pretty accessories.


  91. i really like all the accessories. its greatttttttttttttttttttt online sale product

  92. Krissy says:

    Soooo beautiful! *Jealous* lol 😀 I really want to get some jewellery from there, but it's so expensive :/

  93. Liz says:

    I'm new to blogspot and stumbled across your blog today. Cool pics! And I love the jewelry.


  94. becky. says:

    love the rings and the cross bracelets 🙂 x

  95. I loooove that blue crystal necklace! You're so lucky ^__^

  96. Olivia says:

    I'm so jealous of that jewelry! That's so awesome though congrats! :). And I love your hair color!

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