New york diary – Day 3

  • amazing pictures.


  • That mint choc chip gum looks amazing, your post has made me hungry x

  • You captured some great photos of my beloved city…

    Is that a Nutella and banana sandwich? Looks delish!

  • Great pictures, I love the fact that you documented that much about your trip, it's exciting to see pictures from it!

  • Love the picture with all the cabs

  • oh wow, beautiful pics sammi!
    I would love to go to ny

  • Food shots made me so hungryyy! Love Grand Central – it's like being on a different planet! Haha x

  • you pictures are so lovely and those cake look yummy!

  • Wow. Amazing shots! Enjoy your time!

  • Mint chocolate chip gum?! Amazing! I don't think England has that.
    Grand Central Station looks breath taking.

  • It looks so beautiful! I love the pictures!

  • All the sweets and treats <3
    I'v tried that gum! and the strawberry dessert one 🙂

  • all these photos are amazing!

  • Amazing photos!
    And this post made me so hungry! Everything looks delicious!

  • Mint chocolate chip gum? Yes pleaseeee! 🙂 x

  • this is a bit random, but the train station pictures look EXACTLY like when the old lady was hitting Alex the lion with her purse in Madagascar the film:L hope you had a great time in NYC sammi!xxxx

  • ahh this makes me miss new york! so fun!

  • making me miss new york! xx

  • Love that I can see Buffy comics! 🙂 Great pictures! xxx

  • a mint choc chip gum?! that sounds so weird! it is good? haha x

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