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Skirt & cardi | Cardi - Monki / Skirt - AA / Hat - Beyond retro / Top - F21 Camo & jeans | Jacket - Ebay / Jeans - Topshop / Hat - H&M Maxi & leather | Skirt - Monki / Top - Monki / Bag - F21 Tights & denim | Shorts - Vintage / Top - Bershka / Blazer - H&M / Bag - Topshop / Belt - Topshop Lazy day/Travelling | Hoody - Stole from bf / Top - Topshop / Riding pants - H&M / Bag - Charity shop

Hey dolls,
Yesterday I put a video up showing some ways I style creepers as it was very highly requested! I thought i'd also post it on my blog as some people have said they'd like to see some styling-type posts.
Hopefully it could help some people and maybe you could pull bits and bobs from it!

If you have any posts of your own styling creepers link them below, i'd love to see =]

You could also chuck more styling post ideas at me and I'll try to do them!

Sammi xoxo


Hola Bambi said...

Love the camo jacket xx

Talisa said...

Great Looks, you´ve done a very good job.Love your Style :) You remind me so much of London, whenever I see you I think of London. My favourite City:)

Chi-Chi said...

your creepers look lovely on you; not sure if i could get away with them!

my fave outfits are the 2nd & 4th ones; love the camouflage jacket x

Sabrina said...

Just saw the video :) the first one is my fave.xx

Kate said...

Love your skirt, and the creepers look great :) x

Kellina's Thoughts said...

great ideas!!

Ell♥ said...

Love your skirt! :)xx

dugongsss said...

Loved watching this video & the different ways you've styled the creepers!

Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

Vivian said...

you look amazing as always! xx

kirstyb said...

lovely pcis x

Riley Ellise said...

Your creepers look great with every outfit!


Emily said...
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ChelseaMoore said...

Love all these outfits!


Carina said...

Love the camo jacket! Great styling as always :)

Joanna said...

Love the outfits, Sammi! Gorgeous styling as usual. <3 You're so pretty! xx

Lisa said...

Love the first and the 4th one. gorgeous!

Sera said...

Those outfits are all so perfect! I especially love the first two.

Inga said...

looove your accent! :D

Faye said...

I love the last outfit, it’s real casual but i just love it!

WlcO said...

I love your blog and your outfits!

Fancy Muffin said...

I love every out! CREEPERS are awesome, I have the pink and red ones, but they aren't as versatile as the black ones,! You have a lovely style btw :)

Pamela said...

Cute outfits, have to say the 3rd is my favourite!

Maisie said...

Love the camo jacket, i recently got a similar one from Topshop but was just one all over colour!xx

Annie said...

I LOVE creepers!:) you've styled them amazingly here!:)xo

Elliee ☮ said...

I LOVE your styling videos/posts! I really want some creepers but im not sure if I could pull them off :/x

Ayesha said...

I love creepers, great stylinggg! x

Candace Wu said...

i love these outfit!
you make creepers work for me !
gorgeous babe!

xx [ aphrodite blue ]

Sade said...

2nd 4th and 5th are my faves!

Elanor said...

can you post a link to which ebayer you got your camo jacket from?!
love your blog!xxx

Amy McMillan said...

Gorgeous looks Sammi - especially the 3rd outfit! I love how versatile creepers are. X

Electric Daisies said...

All of the outfits are lovely..really need to get myself a pair of creepers, I love them! xo

Sara said...

Miss Photogenic.

ohmy_Olivia said...

Love them all, but especially the 3rd and the last one, probably because they're most similar to what I'd wear. LOVE your blog big time chica <3

Le Geek of Beauty said...

Hey dolls, check out my blog!
P.S Love your videos Sammi, you're amazing x

alicebea said...

just watched the video! Completly gorgeous outfits!!!

Just_Ur_Type said...

I really like how you style them =) Though I'm not a "creepers-person" I adore how people rock them!

Jalecia said...

Absolutely love the 1st and 2nd outfits! Especially the 2nd, cause that jacket suits you so well and looks really cool. Thanks for the inspiring looks!

Katie said...

Great post :) don't think I could pull them off but you look fab!

NOMNOM said...

Love all the outfits! I can't wait to get a pair of creepers for the fall/winter.

The girl in Oslo said...

Gorgeous hats :)

Have a great day from a sunny Oslo :)

Georgie said...

you could wear a bin bag and still look beaut! everything you wear is devine!

Temi said...

Loved the video! I love that you show how versatile creepers can be!

Temi xo

Mary said...

these outfits are too cute! <3

Jeminix said...

Nice :) xxx

Steffen said...

Love your style :) xo

thinkdom said...

Ah, they don't sell creepers here where I live and I don't have the guts to order dem online yet. I've wanted them for a long time. I love the fist outfit you styled btw. It's really cute but with an edge!

Britt said...

I me some creepers! I adore they way you styled them and can't wait to invest in a pair myself.


Sam said...

The more I see you wearing creepers the more I want to buy them, but I don't think I could pull them off as well as you! Love the last two looks.

Erin said...

love your style!

Wardrobe By Fashionistas said...

I really love your style, your blog is fantastic!!!:-)

xxx Maria

BindyaPatel said...

Loveeeee your sense of style!
-Bindya Patel

YT - Lala14x

the sisberry blog said...

i think first outfit is my favorite : ))

Nkechi said...

The 2nd, 4th and 5th ones are my fave!
I love your style

Rachel said...

loving how you styled all of these looks!!

Charmaine Cowland said...

Gorgeous camo jacket!

! please checkout my giveaway on my blog, it's international !

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EleanorGrace said...

You always look really lovely and style clothes so well! check out my blog?

Elin Eliasson said...

Hi, my name is Elin and I'm from Sundsvall, Sweden. I just want to say that I am a fan of you and especially your youtubechannel, I love your videos! You are a inspiration for me and your fabulous style have helpt me to find my own style. I hope that you are living the dream and that you continue with your videos, forever!

I would really love if you can say hi to me in one of your videos...

Thank you so mutch! ♥

Carmen said...

omg!! Your amazing but i was wondering if you could do a video about how to style a bandeau<3

Sam Hutchinson said...

All gorgeous outfits, I love your style! Fancy just giving me all of your clothes?! xxx

Becky said...

I've been wanting to get creepers for ages but I've been scared on how to style them! This was so helpful thankyou!:)
Becky xxx

WMBG said...

great post!


Bryony Dodds said...

So cute! <3

Electric Daisies said...

I really want some creepers, these are such good ideas! Izzi :-)

Ti Dickenson said...

love the way you style the creepers...who knew they were so versatile. Def love the look with the army fatigue, that one is my favorite.

Çiğdem Sofuoğlu said...

First outfit is the most I liked. But youre gorgeous like always :)

chococat ♥ said...

Hey Sweetheart,
you and your blog are so cute!
i love your style and outfits very much!!

i will follow you :)
lovley greets from berlin, germay

LouLouDaniels said...

Absolutely love this post. Just got myself a pair of creepers, unfortunately they don't fit. Will have to go to Office and return them which is a mish and a half. KMT!!! x

Emma said...

I love creepers there so 90's grungy cool I really like the way you've styled them too. Check out my blog post about creepers.


Lorna Patrick said...

really love that first black skirt, it's so simple yet amazing!

Ella said...

i love creepers! they go with anyone and you've proved this. love your outfit choices x

Christa Danielle said...

I am absolutely in love with the 1st, 3rd, and 4th outfits. They are so feminine and very chic. I have no idea why I'm in love with the collar neutrals, pastels, pink, and white this season! I'm usually more of a purple, black, gray, and blue kind of girl.. Oh, wellsss. P.S. I really adore the white purse!!

Olivia McLaren said...

i came to bloggers boutique and completely forgot until now to leave you my blog address! this is such a helpful post and i love the camo jacket!xx

Aishling.Br0wne said...

Stumbled across your videos on you-tube... they're really good! Loved the one where your bf did your make-up & the one on shyness. Also love how you style outfits! =)


Liz Maria said...

I just love the way you dress you inspire me so much!!! Have a look at my (new) blog if you like xxxxxx

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