Floral on floral

Top - AA / Jeans - Topshop(sale) / Boots - Monki / Necklace - Topshop(sale) / Lips - NYX Lip cream in San paulo

I have gotten so bored of my usual outfits recently, all I seem to be wearing at the moment on my bottom half is leggings, which I LOVE but I feel are a little unimaginative, you know when you just need a change?
So I dug these jeans out of my drawer, they are from last year and I got them on sale from Topshop, I cant say they are very comfortable and I have a love/hate relationship with jeans anyway because I find them so uncomfortable but they are appropriate for this odd weather we have been having. Since it is (apparently) summer, a bit of floral is nice to chuck on. I threw on this 3D mesh top from AA too and realised its two different types of floral, why not I say, haha.

Sammi xoxo


Hannah Valentine said...

Loooove those trousers! X

Hola Bambi said...

You look Beautiful! That top is amazing! xx

Georgie said...

loooooove this! xo

Emily said...
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Elizabeth said...

you are so so pretty. In love with that top. You're making me want to spend money I don't have. x

Celene said...

this is such a gorgeous outfit, i love the jeans! xo

Nabzz said...

Oh my gosh, Sammi, this is such a beautiful outfit. Love the jeans and top!

Temi said...
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Sade said...

Love it Sammi! Congrats on the new place ;) x

Laura said...

Gorgeous outfit Sammi!
Been dying to get my hands on that 3D floral top from AA, so jel.
Hope the move and everything is all good! :)
Laura xxx

Temi said...

Such a lovely outfit Sammi! I agree with you on the jeans front, sometimes they can be so uncomfortable, you look stunning as usual!


Glittered feathers said...

Love this, the jeans look amazing

Jess x

Abbie said...

The top is so gorgeous! It's really different, I've never seen anything like it

Sheyla said...

Gorgeous! I totally agree that you look amazing!


Tenneil said...

Your outfit is so cute and the boots add the perfect amount of edge to it! I understand your love/hate relationship with jeans. I have the same with mine, lol. Loving the new background too, btw. :)

Abbie said...

I like the jeans! Know what you mean in regards to always just chucking on leggings! U look lovely xx

Nicola said...

Love Love the top really suits you. I wish i could pull off these types of jeans, looks great on you!

AVY said...

Adorable :)


Lorna Patrick said...

love this! need that lip colour!

smozzy said...

LOVE that top its soooo cute and pretty!

Deanna said...

I love the subtle double floral- it's very summery and feminine!
You look gorgeous as always.

Stacy said...


Milly said...

absolute beaut! x

Memoirs of a Wardrobe said...

Really like the lipstick colour, very soft and gentle

Kate x

Gavina Dhillon said...

I love this jumper, and those jeans have such a cute print on!

Deja said...

What a lovely outfit that is <3
and you look so adorable :)

xo Deja
Deja Zu

Vic said...

You look stunning & the lip colour suits your outfit loads!

Ellie - Rosee said...

lovely outfit - I love the new background aswell. Ellie :) x

Lexi ☼ said...

love the top!

Lily said...

not a fan of the top but the jeans are soo cute! love seeing your outfits :) x

chococat ♥ said...

the jeans are soo lovley *_*
and you are very cute!!

greets from berlin, germany

Madison Bailey said...

Your new flat looks lovely! Adore this outfit too x

Sarah Ouzou said...

Looking gorgeous as always, liking the jeans.
Loving the new background too, congrats on your new place!


daniella-r said...

I really like the AA top, this isa great outfit post
Daniella x

Natalia Aicha H said...

those trousers are amazing !!!
Love this outfit ! x

Rachael Brewin-Caddy said...

I love this outfit! Ive been looking for some floral trousers like these, lovely!

Olivia said...

I love love the pants <3

Célia said...

I've always loved this top...

Gemma Meredith said...

I need those jeans in my life!

Safts said...

Don't know about everyone else but the thing I love most in this post is your house! Its absolutely gorgeous you lucky thing! Hope you are settling in well!

AnTheCat said...

you should definitly show us your new flat. looks amazing! makes me wanna move in! haha

Lisa said...

Love the combination. really nice top.

Porcelain Eleanor said...

I neeeed to get the NYX lip creme in San Paulo, it looks so lovely on you! I have a few other shades and I really like those :)
Eleanor x

NaEthoxide said...

Your outfit is stunning, so simple yet striking! Love the Mesh top and Leggings! Great emsemble!

Zow xx

Misseblog said...

Love the jeans :) xx

Aki No Yuutsu said...

Love the tiny floral!!! very sweet!

Emma said...

thoes pants are super cute :) keep up the style posts I like your looks.

Aspyn J. said...

love the florals on florals! so cute.

Lena said...

Sammi, i really love your style :)


Rebecca said...

I pretty much live in leggings too and find jeans so uncomfortable and restrictive! I know how you feel though, sometimes it's nice to wear something different!

Victorie said...

beautiful! you should make more photos of your new home :) it looks very very nice . white is the most beautiful. :)

Laura Van Overmeire said...

GORGEOUS, I love this. Those jeans are so pretty.
I do own that top, it's even more amazing in real life than in pictures, you wear it well!!!
Your new appartment looks so nice btw, jealous!!!! :)

love, laura

- B said...

you look cute! I love the jumper :)

Amber said...

That jumper is amazing, I need one. Immediately.

Aimée Moncur said...

Such a gorgeous outfit, wish that the jeans were in store now, I love them!!!

ShinyEffect said...

You're always pretty. <3

Núria Emilio said...

Lovely trousers but the top is even better!!!
I love it xxx

Electric Daisies said...

Such a cute outfit!

Shope said...

Love the print on the trousers, and the new background is absolutely gorgeous! Shope xx

Jeminix said...

Those jeans look amazing! :) xxx

Hollie Grace said...

I love your style! Always following you on youtube :)


Niamh Scallan said...

You look stunning Sami :) Plus your new place looks fab too x

Rebecca Penfold said...

I absolutely adore that AA top. It's such a nice piece. Simple but with a little something extra. Wonderful!

Tim Mcgraw said...

love your blog x

I'M Just Talkin' About Tonight

bethalexandraaa said...

sick outfit!
please check out my blog, need some subscribers! I hope you all like it,
peace and love sweethearts

ModelMePretty said...

Love the black rose top !!

VιcκyBeL said...

So lovely photos!!
Take a look to my blog if you want!!


Nisha Looks said...


Miss Sultana said...

i am in love with those trousers! you're so adorable :) lovely blog btw

katfio said...

WOW! Love the jeans :D!

Pünktchen said...


bubblybeccy said...

Cute photography!
Love your styling!

new blogger, and following would love a follow back
and maybe check out my posting and see what you think

muchos smiles,
bb, xoxo

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said...

this is a very beautiful look!

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I really appreciate your feedbacks :)

Thrifty Girl Loves said...

Good luck hun!

Alice's Fashion Rage said...

I never would usually wear black with a pastel/pretty floral print, but I LOVE this.

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