Tanning in the park

Today, as it has been very hot (for England) I decided to go to the park and try to get a bit of colour on my skin! I have really been wanting to get away somewhere but havent booked anything as of yet desperate! haha,  It was actually really lovely chilling out though and listening to some music in the sun. I grabbed some bits before I left, so I consider these my park-tanning essentials!
(The most essential thing is missing, sun tan lotion! Because I haven't bought any since moving, doh!)

Beauty essentials 
The body shop Coconut hand cleanse gel / Boots botanics toner spritz / Bobbi brown Cabo coral pot rouge / Carmex / Institut Bronze repair tanning lotion / NARS Tinted moisturiser

Other essentials 
H&M Headband / iPhone / iPad / Prada knockoff Sunnies / Oyster card

Let me know how you've been enjoying the sun!

Sammi xx


Lea said...

Isn't it typical that it's supposed to turn to thunder storms on Friday; the day the Olympic opening ceremony is!

Lea x

Lauren said...

Sooo sunny, wish i didn't have to work on days like this.

Samantha said...

I cant wait for the thunderstorms! haha I love the sun for a bit of a tan but cant deal with it for too long! x

Rachael said...

You are so lucky to have had heat and sun, it's been horrible up North! Looks like you had a lush, chilled day xx

Ellie - Rosee said...

I love this weather!! I like your ' I hate oysters' wallet! great post :)

FrancesCassandra♥ said...

I've been stuck inside for all of today :( Hopefully the sun will stick around for a few days so that I can enjoy it a little :)

Frances xx

- said...

I've absolutely loved the weather today! Took my puppy to the park so whilst he ran around playing I was catching some rays hehe! Hope this weather stays around a bit more I enjoy myself so much more when the weather's nice!xx

alicebea said...

love a bit of hot weather!!

Grace said...

This looks so fun! I wish I could have fun in the sun instead of being at work :( xx

Tori. said...

love that the sun has decided to show up, wish there was some wind though! :) x

Aimée Moncur said...

The weather has been so lush!! I had a picnic with a friend today but got a little bit burnt, hopefully will change to a tan soon!


Holly Zdolyny said...

I need a holiday too! The odd day in England just isn't enough :( x

Neche said...

This looks so much fun, you have got all the right items. I hope you Tanned well.

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๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said...

Fun time :)

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I really appreciate your feedbacks :)

Sian Ryan xo said...

This looks so fun! Wish I didnt have to work on days like this.. or burn whenever the sun sees me!

Sian x

serena said...

I hate lying out in the sun but you make it look really nice haha, looks like you had a lovely day!


LivFlorence said...

can't leave the house without my carmex aaaah! the NARS tinted moisturiser looks lush as well :)

liv x

Georgia Snowling said...

Looks lovely... bummer having to work on days like today! :(

Victoria said...

Sounds like and sunny

Celene said...

i'm so jealour thast you have sun in the uk, in ireland today it rained all the day, so much for summer! xo

pinkyliciousvita said...

ive been enjoying the sun being at work which sucks cos at work there is no AC :(
too bad for me the week i had leave was rainy and miserable and the first day i got back to work its suddenly hot!

daniella-r said...

Looks nice! I'm loving the Botanics Rosewater spritz! Loved being in the sun today, can't beat a pear cider in a beer garden with friends :)
I hope it stays like this for a while
Daniella x

snow. white said...

Ginger Beer :O


Hola Bambi said...

Carmex the life saver!

Jen said...

My sister bought me the boots botanics tonic spritz for my bday. Oh my days, I love it :D xx

Elliee ☮ said...

The weather sure is beautiful isn't it! I love the sunglasses! They're lovely!x

Pins said...

I am in love with the toning spritz, apparently , so is my Boy, I keep catching him using it!
Pins. X

Coco x said...

The weather looks lovely, i hope it lasts
Love Chloe x x x

little t. said...

is this in Richmond? very nice! :)x

Paula Counsell said...

Lovely pics! :) xx

Soph. said...

Looks like such a nice day! I hope you're enjoying the warm weather. I'd love to know what you think of the outfit I just made :) I'm a youtube, instagram and tumblr fan as well :P

Xox Soph

Jessica W said...

Lovely photos. I wish it was warm here :P

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

What a fun day. We need sun in Seattle. I like your sunglasses.
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Ava Tallulah said...

Your oyster card holder is too funny :p

Ava Tallulah
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- B said...

You oyster card holder is so cute and funny!
I've been doing the same thing for the last couple of days, the sun is finally out!

Josephine Pearl said...

Looks like summer is eventually here :) yey. Great oyster card holder :)

Jo. x

Zośka Domysławska said...

it's sooo hot in Poland and I hate it! I really prefer wintertime! love from Poland <3

Octavia Pendrill-Adams said...

Hey Sammi,

I made a post on my website here
I was wondering what you thought of this trend? Would you wear all these colours? Maybe you could do a tutorial on how you would wear them! :)


chicaescocesa said...

I just checked out and had a look at your post! I really love how you created the article! I have joined the site and cant wait to make my own collage :D

Zoé said...

I've been loving this weather - shame it won't last! :( Oh, your wallet is so cool. :)

gina lolobrigida said...

haha, nice point about oysters))


theionfashion said...

I'm tanning in my backyard as we speak! Gotta love the summer! Tan safely!

Charlotte said...

Reminds me of Kensal Green haha. Looks great :) It was hot everywhere today uff

Lulu Frances said...

looks like a lovely day :) i´ve been enjoying the sun by inliner skateing a lot yaay! love the oyster card holder haha! xx

Bess said...

Can't wait for summer in Australia, I'm so sick of the winter!

Aspyn J. said...

i love your blog, sammi. even better youtube channel!

Sadie Dear said...

I can't get out in the sun without a body of water nearby! I've really enjoyed just laying back on a float in the middle of the pool this summer.

Victoria said...

Looks like wonderful weather! When I was in London it was all sunny skys and not a single cloud in the sky! I guess Texas brought some sunshine? haha

Great post Sammi!


Jeminix said...

I love the sun but i've ended up being inside most of the time! xxx

chococat ♥ said...

Beautiful Photos! Like your beauty products very much!!

Lovley greets and enjoy the great weather!

Jac said...

Love the oyster card holder! Where did you get it from? Talk about London heatwave - 32 degrees today


Good Wear Day said...

Yes it's lovely that there has been a little glimmer of summer (finally!), we've waited long enough haha!

-Good Wear Day-



Alias said...

I love the gardens, they look so pretty!

Electric Daisies said...

I've been absolutely loving the weather at the moment! Shame it has to end on Friday:(
Please could you have a look at my blog?

zofiatamzin. said...

Ive been loving the weather too! heard its going to end tomorrow but.. meh, england!

- B said...

i am loving the weather too. even though today the weather today isnt too great in London.
check out my blog:
xx -B

GraceFace said...

I can't function in this weather, but its so nice when you're just lazing around :)

Grace x

lemonpunch said...

Hey Sammi! Sorry that this comment is so unrelated, but I think you'd be the best person to answer my question - can you suggest some MAC neutral (browns, greys, plums) eyeshadows (mattes and shimmers) for NC 43 skin? I know you're a bit lighter than that, but I figure what works on you will work on me. Thanks so much!! xx

Phoebe Robinson said...

Been dying to try some of the NARS skin products, I've been eyeing up their sheer glow foundation! xxx

Kimmy said...

I like the look of the bobbi brown coral pot. Is it a lippie or blush? What sort of coverage do you get from the NARS tinted moisturiser?


Megan Gelderd said...

Love your blog, wanna try out the botanics toning spritz now :)

becky. said...

love those sunglasses :) x

Tasha1Piglet87 said...

The sun was lovely - whilst it lasted!! :) x

Lorna Patrick said...

love the sunnies! wanna try out those products too!

Sammy K said...

you're so pretty & love your outfit! Xx

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maya mere said...

Very unusual as I have not tried it. I have tried tanning at the beach and in my backyard. Fresh from moroccan oil hair treatment, my hair needs to absorb sunlight so this is one venue to add for tanning.

miahays said...

I want to go out and get a tan again! But right ow, I'm just looking for skin care tips. I don't wanna do anything on my skin for now. Maybe next time I'll come to the park because I really miss the sun!

--Mia Hays

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