My summer face + perfume

CLOCKWISE | Stella McCartney fragrance / MAC Blot powder / NARS Sheer glow - Barcelona / MAC Trace gold blush / Sleek brow kit - Light / Revon Lip butter - Creme brule / Bobbi brown corrector - Peach / Avon super shock mascara / Maybelline gel liner / Carmex

Hey dolls,
I feel like I have done some summer-related videos recently but not too many blog posts on what products I have been using, so I thought I would share what I have been wearing and reaching for this summer for my daily face!

I have been wearing NARS sheer glow pretty much all summer, along with the NARS tinted moisturiser on odd days which I also like. I have recently dug out my MAC blot powder to mattify my face as its a little more lightweight than other powders and I have used the Sleek brow kit for a very long time now, its a staple! Bobbi brown corrector is my holy-grail concealer/corrector, feel like it can do both jobs. I have also recently been using the Maybelline gel liner which is good but not as good as the MAC and Bobbi brown ones, thats what i've thought so far!
Avon supershock mascara I got free in a Marie-Claire magazine, bargain! Its pretty good for volumising but I wouldn't purchase it once this one has run out. I have been using MAC Trace gold as my blush/bronzer and a few different lip products this summer but the Revlon lip butter in Creme Brule is a nice light and easy to wear product.

Im not sure why I also photographed my Stella perfume but I wanted to mention that its one of my new favourite perfumes! All summer I have been wearing this and also the Summer rose version, heavenly!

I hope this has been of interest, I love seeing other posts about what people are wearing on their face as weird as that sounds!

What have you been wearing this summer/what has been your favourite perfume?

Sammi xx


Jasmine said...

i love the nars sheer matte foundation... i should try that one too!
-jasmine o.

Faye Knox said...

I am ashamed to say this but my favourite summer perfume at the moment is Justin Bieber's! I'm not keen on him but his perfume smells amazing and has a summer vibe about it, especially with the flower on the bottle!
-faye x

- said...

I've been wearing a lot of Pink Plaid by MAC on my lips this summer! I've felt it to be much more flattering in the summer than my usual Ruby Woo red!
My fragrance has definitely been Reb'l Fleur! I love both Rebelle and Reb'l Fleur but I feel RF is much more lighter!

Riri xo

Laura said...

i've still not tried the lip butter for some reason even though i've been meaning to since they came out. i do the the just bitten balm stain though, i've been wearing it in rendezvous over summer, its this bright orangey red colour, its lovely. perfume wise, i still love the marc jacobs daisy and hugo boss orange; older ones but still lovely for summer!
laura xx

LinasBeautyDiary said...

Love your pics :) Everyone raves about the nars sheer glow foundation. I'm so gutted I can't wear it because the yellowish undertones really clash with my pink-toned skin :((( I've been wearing satin taupe with liner on the eyes, chanel vitalumière aqua as a base and chanel horizon blush on my cheeks :) I did the most worn things (summer 2012 edition) on my blog. Would love for you to check it out :) hugs xxx

Chloe said...

I've got the Super Shock Max mascara as well, love it. It really helps add volume to the lashes :) xo

vividiorquue said...

I've wanted to try the NARS Sheer Glow foundation for a while but I can't justify the £30 price tag haha!

Zanka said...

My favourite scent this summer is definitely pure is so delicate and summery :)

Hola Bambi said...

thats basically the same as mine :)

Little Miss Lifestyle said...

I did a similar post to this a few weeks ago and also included the creme brulee lip colour - such a nice and easy lip to wear! I'm not a massive fan of the MAC blot powder though, think you can get better drugstore brand ones x

Soph. said...

I still need to try the Revlon lip butters. They look really lush.

My summer perfume has been Escada - moon sparkle! It's gorgeous! Xx

Lara said...

The sleek brow kit is an absolute godsend, I really need to repurchase it soon! I also really want to try a gel liner, might have to look at the MAC one!

Jacdami Minaya said...
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Jacdami Minaya said...

I love the revlon lip butters!!

Aimée Moncur said...

The lipstick looks gorgeous, might have to pick it up after pay day! I've been loving Maybelleine's Sweet Pink lipstick and ELF's mineral blush in Coral has been my go-to blush.
I haven't really been using perfumes but instead use my range of coconut stuff from the body shop as the scent seems to stay forever!!

Kiah Askew said...

I love the eyeliner, and would love to try the nars foundation but I wouldnt spend that much on a foundation!


Nee said...

My summer staples are; Benefit's tinted moisturizer (sample), Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Fruiti, an old Elizabeth Arden eyeliner and an Une palette for my brows.

Love your staples. The NARS Sheer glow sounds great, but I don't want to fork out money just yet.


Chelsea Moore said...

The lipstick looks amazing <3

Kate Livingston said...

Love the Sleek Brow Kit! xo

Harri Davison said...

Marc Jacobs Lola, will always be my summer fragrance, I have now and again been wearing bvlgari omni a crystalline to mix it up, it's really light & fresh! xx

Lara said...

absolutely love the Stella McCartney fragrance, it's so lovely.

Natalie said...

love how youve still got stella in there haha <3

Bee said...

I am dying to get this sleek eyebrow palette but its not available here in germany :(


Hannah said...

really want to try the NARS sheer glow foundation but i've just bought a new foundation so i'm gonna wait a bit longer first i think!

been absolutely loving angel by thierry mugler's perfume its so pretty and feminine! would definitely recommend it!xxx

Tanya said...

Gorgeous selection of makeup :) I like how you wrote "Summer Face" and you feature a perfume haha! Lovely post. x

Jena Joyce said...

I had a dream you bought me nars sheer glow... it's weird. I know.

Nothing will ever beat marc jacobs daisy! I have been wearing chloe rose edition which is lovely, but still not as good as daisy.

catharine said...

I really should get on trying a Revlon lip butter.. I seem to be the only person in the world who has yet to buy one. I've been using Revlon's Fire & Ice lipstick almost every day this month, though. It's red. And I really like the lightness of the Britney Spears Curious perfume.

Lola said...

Really love your blog Sammi! I've been wanting to buy Nars Sheer Glow for a while now but it's near impossible to get samples anywhere to try it first! Would you say it would be suitable for slightly dry skin? x

Eleanor said...

really want to try that perfume!! :)
great post... definitely want the NARS sheer glow too.. need to save my money for once! haha

Lacey said...

Did you get the Avon Mascara free in Marie Claire? I was so shockingly surprised how good it is :)


outofashion said...

I'm dying to try the trace gold blush! Looks so great. Also, I have the same corrector it's amazing!

fashionablybex said...

My two summer fragrances have been Lola By Marc Jacobs and Happy Heart by Clinique two lovely floral scents which are perfect for summer. Lovely lipstick! xo

G. said...

Hi : ) What do you use to clean your face? Any gels, miclear waters, so on? I'm curious!


Marta said...

I really wish I could get Nars in my country. That foundation always looks so amazing on you :)x

Beau said...

amazing products *_*


beckawoo said...

My mum had that perfume a while back...i kinda nicked most of it mind, it smells sooo good. I'm glad you reminded me about it, i need it in my collection x

Jac said...

I've been loving going barefaced with just concealer or a BB cream, esp the Garnier oil free version. All time favourite perfume is Chloe - too bad it's so bloody expensive!


Ally Amazine said...

I love Nars Sheer glow! and fresh summer looks! I cam across this burberry look that I thought you might like! said...

I love the stella mccartney frangrance!! I got it for my mom she loves it to ahaha.

you are suhc a MAC fan - makes me wanna get back in to it.. hm

Krystalklear22 said...

My go to perfumes have been Princess by Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren (the clear bottle with the blue stripe) for almost two years now but I am going to run to Macy's and see if I can sample the Stella McCartney fragrance just to try something new.

Jen said...

Love love love that perfume by Stella :D

I'm doing a giveaway over at my blog if your interested :) Check it out here -


Bose Allen said...

I Lovee the smell of roses. Must check out that perfume !

GuysCallMeShawna said...
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jess chauhan said...

LOVE the NARS sheer glow foundation, their matte one is also amazing! Next time I go to a Sephora I'll look out for that Stella McCartney perfume, seems like you adore it!

My fave fragrance this summer has been G by Gwen Sefani, it smells lovely and tropical

Olivia said...

I am so in love with Stella! Has anyone else noticed after a while the Summer Rose version seems like the orginal Stella after a while?

What a great problem :P

Liv xx

MissMaylea said...


Inês said...

i'm sorry, i know you get a lot of comments, but i think you absolutely stunning.

Ella Catherine said...

Hi Sammi, I have been following your blog for a while and just wanted to say that it is so nice! I love your blog posts and also your YouTube videos :)


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jowdjbrown said...

I love how you paired leather with fur. The mixture of textures is lovely!! Huge fan of your blog, keep it up diesel plus plus!

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