September Wishes

Tartan Coat . Croc Purse .  Lead nail varnish . Sherling collar . Vera cardigan . Easy-jean . Moschino Belt . Cowboy style boots . Black peplum top . Denim + leather jacket

Autumn is my favourite time of year and Im SO excited for dressing for this A/W!
I have gone a bit crazy in the shops already, I tell myself - 'But I need clothes for the cold weather!' to try to justify it, haha!
These are a few things I have been craving recently, I like me alot of black, oxblood and leather at the moment!

Sammi x


Jane's Jumbles said...

Those boots are gorgeous! xx

vividiorquue said...

I am absolutely in LOVE with the coat, cardigan and the jeans! Eeeek, I'm so excited for autumn/winter haha

sophie said...

i love this vera cardigan!

sophie xx

Hollie said...

I love the tartan coat and the easy-jeans. Not a fan of that Lead nail polish though, I just bought it and I'm really not impressed with the colour it is on the nail! Maybe you'll like it better :)
Hollie xx

Nkechi said...

I have that peplum top in black and burgundy and I love them :)
Also, I'm loving those easy jeans and that denim + leather jacket!

Rachael said...

I absolutely love that coat!! The cardigan looks super cosy xxx

Celene said...

the aa easy jeans are gorgeous, i love the peplum top too! xo

alicebea said...

love everthing, i love dressing for A/w aswell!!

Chloe said...

I love all these clothes!! :D

how do you do these wishlists ? :)


annalise said...
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annalise said...

I love your wishlist..especially the Moschino belt and peplum top :) I have done mine this week too!!

Megan Gelderd said...

Love the cardigan and the boots :)

- said...

I adore the peplum top and nail polish!!
I'm currently doing my september wishlist!

Natalia said...

God, I need these boots!! x

Jessica Leigh said...

wow i love the coat and boots, sammi you make me spend all my money! if you have time check out my blog?

SophieLouise said...

Such a great wishlist, I love the peplum top and that coat is gorgeous.

sophie louise x

Olivia Law said...

I need that belt! It is so so gorgeous xo

Jessica Leigh said...

OMG that peplum top is too die for!
love it!

Emily said...

I love the high waisted jeans:)

Jade astylesocialite said...

Oh My Days! I LOVEE the tartan/check hooded coat!! I want and the black peplum top :) Jade x

Sissy said...

i love american apparel jeans and pant but they are just so much! worth it though i guess, these ones are lovely.

Sissy xx

Lupus Heartbeat said...

Autumn is super fun when it comes to dressing up! Winder is even better!!! xx

Kerri Weir said...

Ive got that check jacket its awesome! get it Sammi! xx


FrancesCassandra♥ said...

I love the denim and leather jacket, I'm really in to that trend at the moment, mixing leather and other materials :)

Frances xx

Deja said...

Awesome purchases!
I still need to do my autumn shopping, have nothing to wear. haha

xo Deja from Deja Zu

Phoebe said...

That collar! Autumn is probably my favourite season to dress up in!

Katie said...

I have that peplum top in cream and it's perfect, they're so easy to wear. Also thanks for putting the link to the moschino belt, i've been looking for one for ages!

would love it if you had a look at my new blog

Eleanor said...

i still havent bought anything from monki... but i really love that cardigan!! :)

Emz' said...


Claire Tyler said...

cosy cardies all the way! xx

Shannon Beer said...

I've been eyeing up the tartan jacket, I love it! Need the easy jeans too and gotta love a peplum xx

Arabella said...

We have that jacket in the Topshop I work in and as soon as I saw it I thought it was so 'you'! :D

Liz Maria said...

I love the cardigan!!! The jeans look amazing aswell but I find them a bit overpriced tbh xxxxxx

Kia. said...

moschino belt are sooo expensive. i want one too!!! :(

littlebitofbeauty said...

i love your blog!
im doing a giveaway at 100 followers,of 2 mac product of the winners choice could you help? xx

Páldís Björk said...

Everything is so pretty! Want it all! xx

blondeblair said...

Oooh, I love all of the tops xx

Lizzie~ said...

I really want a mochino belt - it's something you can easily add on to a simple outfit, I can imagine you wearing it with your disco pants! Love the aa denim tight jeans too, I just wish that they weren't son expensive :(.
If you had any spare time I'd love it if you could check out my blog!

Loving your blog as always! X

Chelsea said...

I have been craving the moschino belt for so long! xx

maisie andrews said...

There all gorgeous
i've wanted a moschino belt for agesss!

jeen said...

I agree with you about so many of those craves! I had them at the beginning of Autumn too but now springs begun in Aus and I miss Autumn because it has the best fashion! However I did manage to purchase suede zip up ankle booties and a sleeve black peplum top during it. :)

A Fresh Take on Beauty

Lara said...

Just bought the Easy Jeans and they're sooo comfortable, also really like the tartan coat!

Thi Lan said...

wow. the clothes are very nice *-*


Shaz said...

Kinda surprised myself that I instantly knew those jeans were the AA easy jean. Didn't realise I was so obsessed with them lol. The blue ones you posted would look great with the peplum top. Hope you buy them cause I'd love to see you style them in a video.

Krissy ~ said...

that tartan coat is loveeee!!
Krissy xoxo

Phoebe Robinson said...

That nailvarnish is GORGEOUS! xxx

Louisa Jane said...

i love that misguided jacket! and easy jeans have to be the bessstttt jeans ever comfy but always look 'done'. I have my mum's moschino belt from the 80's, i love it so much! love your blog xx

Pippa said...

I love peplum tops and cute ankle boots, your a great style icon sammie! Love your videos and blog!


Amaall said...

Ah love your blog! xx

SILVIA said...

such a wonderful blog honey =)

Yaël Ricquier said...

inlove with the cardigan!

Expression WIthout Reason said...

Those boots are gorgeous! Absolutely love your blog && youtube channel!


Alex && Michaela

singlikeme said...

Where can i get that tartan coat, that denim leather jacket and the preplum top? Love them

Lauren Kealy said...

Really want to try the AA easy jeans :)

check out my review on the Korres body milk and body scrub


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