Street style @ LFW

Shirt - Rokit / Boots - H&M / Hat - Bf's from Amazon / Cardi - American apparel / Bag - Forever21 / Lips - NYX San Paulo / Necklace - H&M

Ngoni of NRC

These last two photos are lovely readers who came up to me to say hi, It was so lovely to meet you girls! Its always a pleasure to meet people who read my blog, you all looked great!

Hey dolls,
Here are some street style pictures I snapped mainly on the Monday (Day 4) of London fashion week. Somerset house was swarming with super-trendy folk, It was heaven for a street-style snapper! I have even more photos on the way [This is a part 1], I didn't want to swamp one post with too much!
I didn't catch everyones names and details unfortunately but I hope it is still inspiring =]

[If I have snapped you above and you would like me to include your name and blog/channel please let me know and I will do!]

Sammi x


Alethia said...

Thanks for sharing! It's really nice seeing the differences in fashion worldwide. I personally wouldn't wear a lot of it but expression is a beautiful thing :)


Tanya said...

Great post! Loved your outfit! All of the street style are so edgy. x

Hola Bambi said...

Black and yellow suit! WOW!!!!!!!

Haruhiism said...

wow, awesome pics with amazing people.

Bryn said...

I love London Street Style, so far and beyond anything I've seen anywhere else!

Rachel Hungerford said...

Wow, everyone looks so beautiful and your outfit is great! xx

Bea said...

These people look awesome!

L.Dufie said...

Love these outfits!

Forever Fashion said...

The chiffon/see through maxis and the feather collar is my all time fav!! You look beautiful!

Liz Maria said...

You looked gorgeoussss!!! xxx Go and check out my blog if you like....

Kate O'Riordan said...

Great post! love what you are wearing

Kellina's Thoughts said...

Brilliant street style pics!!

Definitely some great styling!!

Megan Gelderd said...

Great pics, i love to see other peoples style. True inspiration :)

Devina said...

They all look amazing, and so do you Sammi! Your beanie is cute :) x

alicebea said...

Everyone looks amaing! wish i was there!!! :)

Nicola said...

Im in love with the top couple of outfits, and street style is always the best!

AmyXx said...

Aw Sammi you looked lovely!, I love looking at street style it's so inspiring...everyone's outfits are amazing! lovely post Xx

Gabriele said...

love your outfit here, I so wish I went to LFW...


Andeep Kaur said...

Sammi! Your blog is amazing as are your Youtube videos! I love this post! All the different styles are amazing! I tried to drag my boyfriend to the event but he adamantly said no! :( :(

Brandy Glover said...

This was an awesome post. I wish I was in London for Fashion Week!!!


ayeisha cooper said...

love the styles,especially yours! where did you get your denim shirt from? it's absolutely gorgeous!:)X

Emilyx0- Irish beauty blog said...

Looks amazing, some gorgeous outfits there!

Emily x

nicolina(: said...

You look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Everyone's style you took pictures of is amazing!

ThriftThick said...

I am absolutely in love with the cardigan you're wearing; every time I see it in one of your blog posts or videos I weep because I don't have the money to buy it for myself!


Coco x said...

Great post and fabulous pictures

Chloe xo

sarisono said...

Hi lovely! Am going to London in October and I was just wondering if you have any tips about where to buy creepers?


Asta Linda Dembele said...

I love you and everyone elses outfit APART from the 4th,8th and 9th person. I think they could've jazzed it a bit more. They were quite plain etc. BUT the rest, omg, fabulous especially the girls with those sunglasses, which I'M SURE are from the same company, since it's the same material.... But I wonder where from ;o

Zaynab said...

Really wanted to go there !
Lovely pictures btw x
The girl in the 8th picture looks like Jessica Stroup :-)

daniella-r said...

Wow, great post, love all the different styles they're rocking.
Wish I could have been there
Daniella x

VιcκyBeL said...

wow you are so lucky!
I would love to be on London fashion week!

Lisa Jay said...

lovely outfits xxx

Leanne said...

Wow, everyone looks gorgeous! I wish i was there! Looking forward to part 2 x

NRC♥ said...

Awww yay its me thanks doll x

My little notebook said...

wow everyone looks amazing! you too! thanks for sharing! :) xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love street style! Such fierce looks. =)

Sia said...

Cool pictures x

aniumek said...

Why U always look so gorgeous??? :*** Kiss from Poland :***

Hollie said...

This is such a great post, everyone you snapped looks awesome, especially the girl in the red and black striped suit!

Hollie x

Sissy said...

I love street style! so exited to see this post and you look wicked as always

SIssy xx

Luce said...

Cool post :) you rock a beanie so well

Lupus Heartbeat said...

There is no fashion like London street fashion xx

Shanice said...

Oh wow I love all the outfits, can't pick a favorite!

xxx Shanice
The Rosy Diary

Claire Tyler said...

so much great style! xx

Nkechi said...

So many great outfits! I love what the woman with the blue hat and red lips is wearing

Lauren Kealy said...

Love the diversity of this post, the photos look great too! I have the exact h&m boots you're wearing, they always look so much shorter than they are in pictures :)


Eleanor said...

you look so cute in these!!
and you have an amazing eye for street style, you should do more posts, even when its not fashion week! :)

Rachel said...

Loved the pics! Youve so captured the atmosphere there! x

becky. said...

they look amazing! that girls feather shoulder piece is so beautiful xx

Josey Marie said...

Oh I envy you! It must have been amazing to be there... and I love your Outfit.
Thanks so much for sharing those pictures!


pinkyliciousvita said...

the last picture with the maxi dresss aqua colour love it, i wonder where she got it from?

bootyfurl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bootyfurl said...

My photography in the first two pictures, :) - so glad they didn't come out blurry as that could have been semi-awks! You were looking absolutely gorgeous as per :)

Walk On The Style Site said...

wonderful inspirations of the lfw!

Nessie Hill said...

Hey darling it was lovely to meet you last week, I can’t believe we’re on your blog (so flattered) I have posted you and me on my blog xx

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