Packing for NY!

The cases I have ended up taking Starting point... ....and when packed! Items I picked up yesterday from Boots last minute, was interested in trying this conditioner! (The gum actually helped my car sickness!) Go-to makeup items Sigma bunny collection brushes, perfect for travelling! Also turns into two brush holders The brushes I am bringing along

...and then my usual makeup bag!

 Hey dolls!
 I am actually sat in my NY hotel room right now eating a bag of cheetos as I write this, I wanted to get it up before but I ran out of time!
 Here is everything beauty-wise I have brought here to New York with me and how I packed it! Thought it might be interesting (I hope so!) I have posts coming up from my days here! 
I didn't get to take too many pictures today as we've been so tired, im falling asleep! But i'll post what I done anyways =] 

 I'm here till the 31st (Tuesday) and Im doing a meet-up on sunday if anyone was interested in coming!


 Day: Sunday 29th 

 Time: 1pm

 Location: Starbucks 1021 Third Avenue (A few shops up from Dylans candy bar)

 Duration: I'll be there for about an hour

 Also: Please dont murder me! x

Hope you are all well! Sammi xoxo


A particularly perfect package

Hey dolls,
Today I was pottering around the house when I heard the front door buzz and to my surprise there was a package from for me!
I pretty much ran upstairs and opened it and this is what was inside! I feel like the designs are very whimsical and cultural, I love the different stones and the theme of purple and silver..Im a big lover of layering silver Jewellery!

I have quite a few pieces of Fashionology jewellery and the pieces I have havent even tarnished (If they have atall its minimal) and i've had some for at least a year! (Basically,better than Topshop quality jewellery haha)
The jewellery all feels very sturdy, nothing I've had from them has broken and I love how Fashionology has on-point, on-trend jewellery, I think the only bummer is that they are not based in the UK but from what I can recall it dosent take alot more than a week for the items to be shipped to the UK.

Anywho Im rambling a little bit but it was so nice of Fashionology to send me these items, I just wanted to share them with you guys straight away! It was a surprise package and they havent asked me to blog or talk about the pieces I just love them this much! ^_^

What do you think of the jewellery? Whats your favourite piece?

Samantha x


Its only Rock n roll

Top - Religion
Cycling shorts - Cant remember!
Leather jacket - Topshop (DIY Studded)
Chelsea boots - Monki
Hat - (bf's) Ebay
Ring - Dollybowbow


Running wild & free

Top - Urban outfitters sale 
Disco pants - AA 
Cardi - Urban outfitters 
Coat - MOTEL 
Bag - Ebay 
Ring - Dollybowbow 
Watch - Michael kors 
Chelsea boots - Monki 

 Sisters outfit: 
Jumper - Rokit 
Leggings - ALDO
 Denim jacket - Rokit 
Bag - Topshop 
Snood - H&M 

 The other day I had to return something at selfridges so I took a trip to central where I also met up with my sister Danny, I done the usual 'Please photograph my outfit!' and she did and I also took a few snaps of hers. I actually went really camera-mad that day but whittled it down to less photos for my post, haha!

 Hope you guys are all well! 

 Samantha x


Striped like a zebra

Hey dolls, 

 This was my outfit today! I realised that i've been sporting the same jumper so many times haha! Its just a piece i've been reaching for so much lately, Hope you still like the outfit! ^_^ 

 Jumper - Topshop (again haha) 
Jeans - MOTEL 
Boots - H&M 
Bag - Zara sale
 Necklace - Topshop

 Hope you are all well, 

 Sammi xoxo


Tick of the clock

Jumper - Topshop
Shirt - Vintage
Hat - Beyond retro
Necklace - Jewellery shop in Egypt
Leather jacket - Boyfriends (DIY)

Hey dolls,
I snapped this outfit the other evening, I realise though I done the jumper-shirt thing a few posts back I apologise! I've been wearing that combination alot though recently, Its comfy and still stylish looking I reckon! The jacket I stole from the boy and it is wayy too big to wear out really but I love the rugged look of it so thought it would look good with the outfit, I studded it myself! but I want to make one for myself in a smaller size at some point!

Hope you are all well =]

Sammi xoxo


Burberry makeup - My view

Hey dolls, 
 HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a good one =D 

 Just before christmas I was sent over some things from Burberry (Gasp!) I was so so happy and surprised that they sent me some bits because I am always up for trying new makeup brands especially designer ones! & Burberry is quite the legend. 
They also sent me a Silk trench coat which is BREATHTAKING, I still cant believe it! Im going to feature that in a post soon, I didnt want to take a picture of it without it being part of an outfit! 

 I was sent over; 
Burberry sheer foundation in No.5 
Lip cover in Nude rose No.25 
Effortless Mascara in Midnight blonde 
 Warm glow in Summer glow No.4 
Sheer eye shadow in Porcelain No.3 
Sheer eye shadow in Midnight brown No.21 
Eye definer in Midnight brown No.2 

 The makeup is all round very luxurious and Effortless, The idea I get is that their line of makeup is all about looking natural, glowy and fresh. I feel as though it would be hard to go overboard with the makeup unless you really layer it up or pack it on. 
I love the colours and tones of the makeup I received, Im very into nude shades so Im a fan of everything!

  Foundation: Light coverage and quite a dewy finish, Scented, I like the scent but not everyone might like a scented fondation obviously! Good colour match for me, I maybe could of gone slightly darker though. It stayed on during the day with powder but I like my foundations with a little more coverage personally! Great for summer though. 

  Eyeshadows: The colours are GORGEOUS they have great pay off and are quite pigmented, I love the finish of them, They remind me a little of MAC shadows, The lighter one is like Ricepaper from MAC and the dark brown I dont have a dupe of but is such a stunning, slightly shimmery chocolate brown colour, defiantly one of my favourite browns now.I dont think they are better than the MAC shadows but they are better than the NARS ones i have tried so far in comparison. 

  Bronzer: The packaging of the bronzer and basically all of the makeup is divine, This bronzer I could take out though and use as my mirror and feel fancy! Its a nice colour but dosent show up much on my skin which is a shame, I have tried better bronzers but its good to have to add a flush of colour if I need it. 

   Lipstick: The first thing that I noticed about the lipstick was the magnetic packaging! They sent me over a great shade actually because many colours look odd on me, This colour is again a nude and its a 'your lip colour but better' shade. It is quite light on the lips and you would need to re-apply it during the day but looks very natural and is flattering. 

  Mascara: I was sent over the brown version of the mascara & I dont usually wear brown mascara because I dont see the point but I would purchase this in black, I love the brush and again the packaging feels so high end and fancy! It is see-through which is also different for a mascara and it does work well but as its brown just dosent show up as well as it could 

  Eye pencil: This pencil is lovely its creamy and is dark brown with shimmers, Would work as a great base or to line the inner eyes, not too much to say, a lovely pencil! Not too unique in colour but is easy to work with. 

 Overview: I really love the collection from what I have seen of it, again it is very luxorious and many of the products feel quite heavy, All the packaging has the Burberry check engraved and it is even etched into the powders (Which i feel like I shouldnt ruin haha) I think alot of it is dupeable, as in you can find the same colours elseware if you really wanted to but if you are interested in trying out something from burberry I would definatly recommend it, It is nicely scented and its something you would feel proud to whip out of your makeup bag! 

 Fave products: Eyeshadows & lipstick 
Least favourite: Mascara

 I know this post was VERY long compared to my usual ones but I hope you found it somewhat helpful and maybe its something new to have a gander at! 

 Hope you are all well, 

 Sammi xoxo