A Bloggers boutique event

Beauts - Rihannon, kaori & Jessica Three amazingly dressed ladies that I had to snap! I didn't catch their blogs though! =[ The lovely Arabella & I! Was so great to finally meet her! Estee & Rihannon (I fangirled a little at meeting Estee! haha) Faye & Arabella

Hey dolls!

 On saturday I was kindly invited to the bloggers boutique event at the drift bar, just outside liverpool street station (that didnt stop me walking past it & getting a bit lost, doh) It was held by the lovely girls Shope, shore & Amy and I want to thank them for such a wonderful & stunning event! The bar was so beautiful, it was on the upper floor, it was spacious & modern with lots of intricate details like little plant pots on the tables covered with newspaper..aww! haha! There was an introduction from the girls and then there were a few talks during the event from different companies which were very insightful. I met so many lovely people and I must say, everyone was dressed AMAZINGLY, bright colours, jewels, maxi skirts, it was like in real life haha. There was a nail bar and a fake eyelash stand if you wanted a bit of pampering (I never got round to it! =[)and food was served from the swanky-looking kitchen.

 I had such a lovely time and it was great meeting lots of bloggers I hadnt had a chance to meet yet and meeting lots new faces, it was a really trendy, chilled, but interesting event. One of the nicest i've been to I would say!

After meeting the girlies that planned the event I visited their blogs and I HAVE to say, is such an amazing blog, I am drooling at all these outfits! Must check it out!

- Can I just say, the goodie bag is IMMENSE! Couldn't believe it! I will try to get a post up about some of my fave bits in the bag! Thank you BB! -

Hope you are all well,

Sammi xxx


Its just monki business

This picture came out a little odd, I was swinging my bag haha!

Shirt - Monki
Skirt - Monki
JC Litas
Hat - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Ring - llymlrs shop
Bracelets - Fashionology
Nails - Topshop celestial
Lips - MAC Impassioned

 Hi dolls,

This was an outfit I sported a few days ago, its STILL scorching here in the UK, I wonder if this is going to be all the summer we get this year or if they'll be more! UK weather is so odd! A perfect piece for sunny days is this lace skirt from Monki (I think I love Monki a little too much) and recently I like to wear it with sheer shirts, perfect because i'm not too keen on my arms and the material is really light and airy, so comfortable. I added my hat aswell for a bit more oomph!

What have you been wearing/doing on these hot sunny days?

 Sammi xx


A Birthday Glossybox

So this box marks Glossybox's first birthday, I feel like they have been around so much longer than that, its crazy! The box was its usual colour but the paper was patterned with cupcakes, bows, lipsticks and more cuteness, I wanted so save it and wrap another present with it in the future...bit weird?...probably. So my box contained what you see here on the card in the last image.  Personally I did enjoy last months box more than this one but this box did consist of many products I would never have picked up myself and its always fun to do a little experimentation.

Noble isle shower + bath gel
I feel like this is such a luxury bath product, it is quite heavily scented (Enter Anchorman quote 'It stings the nostrils') and smells like quite a strong perfume of some kind. It sounds odd but I feel like this is too grown up for me! ( not the most mature of people anyway but you get my drift) I didn't find it particularly refreshing because of the strong scent of perfume, it lathers up really well but I wouldn't purchase this myself anytime soon.

Lolita Lempicka + Si Lolita perfume
I received two testers, Both scents I found to be quite unusual and i'm terrible at describing scents but Si Lolita I found VERY strong, too much for me and for summertime, it reminds me of something my mum or nan would wear in winter (see? i'm terrible)
However the original Lolita Lempicka (Purple one) is very different, I like this one quite alot, not enough to go and and buy it stat, but its alot softer and has a kind of warm/mysterious scent going on.

Apivita Orange beauty mask
Now...I hate anything orange flavoured unless its oranges or orange juice, random fact, so I was a little apprehensive before trying this. I still gave it a go, It did smell of oranges but it wasn't too overpowering, it felt very cooling on my face at first but after 5 minutes it heated up my face which I wasn't used to atall not having tried a thermal mask before. It left my face feeling soft but I wasn't a fan of the effect it had while on the skin and i dont think it done anything too amazing on the whole.

OSMO Berber oil (With Argan oil)
Eh I dont have too much to say about this product, First off I don't like the smell, It has a bit of a sickly sweet scent which I never like to use in my hair because it just feels odd. The consistency is nice and quite light but I didnt see a massive difference after using it.

Eldora false lashes
I cant say too much about these because I haven't used them properly yet, i'm very picky with lashes because I dont like them to look too thick & heavy but I held these onto where they would usually be applied and they actually didnt look too bad, I would probably use these on a big/fancy dress occasion though because of the design.

***There was also a birthday balloon which was very cute but I am allergic to powder latex which balloons usually have on them (found this out the hard way at a friends birthday when I was young!) So I steer clear of balloons...Betcha didnt know that! haha***

Its not my favourite box and it has some unusual scents in here but nevertheless, Happy birthday Glossybox! Im looking forward to what the next one has in store!

What caught your eye? let me know what you got in your box! Hope you are all well,

Sammi x


Dont worry, be happy

Top - Forever21
Skirt - LOVE
Necklace - Forever21
Heels - Topshop
Watch - Michael Kors

 Hey dolls,
 So as you may know, here in the UK it has been scorching recently! (well, for us) So I took advantage of the heat and thought I would actually dress quite summery for the day before it switches back again! I actually am not a fan of the heat in the UK but its good in the way of pretty outfits haha!

 Hope you are all well!

 Sammi xxx


A Hollywood glow! | Highlighters

Hey dolls!
So I recently made a video all about highlighters, what they are used for (for beginners), How I apply them and also ones that I have and would recommend. I thought I would share it too in the form of a blog post! 
Well not all the other info but My recommended highlighters =] I will put the video below also if you would like to hear me nattering about them!

POWDERS: Dainty doll blush (for darker/cool skin tones) - Illamasqua Ether powdered metal - Sleek contour kit

CREAMS: Topshop Butterscotch - Jemma Kidd dewy glow in Rose gold - MAC Pearl cream colour base

LIQUIDS: Sleek glisten me illuminator - Benefit High beam - MAC Strobe cream - MAC Lustre drops in Pink rebel

Swatches in the order of the products above but here | Liquid - Cream - Powders

These are all good Highlighters in my opinion. My favourite of the powders would be the Sleek contour kit, Of the creams, MAC Pearl cream colour base & of the liquids, Benefit high beam just because I have had it for such a long time, its still going strong & Looks amazing on the cheekbones especially on a night out.

I wasn't sure whither to go into more detail about each one because i've spoken about each one in the video already but let me know if there are any you would like to see a more in-depth review on & i'll do that =]

What is your favourite highlighter and which type to you prefer? Let me know!

Hope you are all well,

Sammi xxx


My 5 favourite serums

Hey dolls,

I thought I would share with you one of the most important steps for my hair-care. I think serums are essential for curly/afro hair (Probably other hair types too!) and I feel they really help with the management of hair, They help restore and soften the hair and...they smell nice!
I use serums after I wash my hair, I feel thats the time in which the hair locks in most of the moisture that the serums provide and when they work most effectively, however I also often use them when My hair is dry, To bring my hair back to life a little when its looking/feeling a little dull and it also helps with shine. I use it on my natural hair and also my extensions/weave.

I have tried many serums in my time, Its something within the haircare would that I love to dabble in, as i'm not really a hair-person overall but these are the ones I would repurchase and that I would defiantly recommend.

John Freida Frizz ease - Thermal protectant formula
This is the serum I have been through the most, I have repurchased this product countless times! Its one of my must-have items. I like this especially because it works when your hair is dry quite well and it has a heat protectant in it. I dont like using too many products on my hair at once so this is 2 in 1 which is helpful. it is lightweight, is only lightly fragrenced and lasts me many weeks, definatly worth the money!

Mythic oil - Colour glow oil
This is the latest serum I have tried but I love it already, mainly because it is SO lightweight, I don't like serums which feel like they are gunky and would weigh the hair down, the consistency of this one is perfect and it almost feels like a dry oil. They have three versions of mythic oil, so there is bound to be one tailored to the hair type you have but I feel this product would work for many people. Again it is lightly scented, nothing overpowering, You can use it on damp or dry hair, It makes my hair feel very soft and luscious, I defiantly recommend.

KeraCare - Essential oils
I am in LOVE with this product, This one is especially good because it is multi-purpose, you can see its not called a serum per se but 'Essential oils' and its not as 'oily' as the other serums in this post,its lighter. It is a rich blend of high quality natural oils. It disappears very quickly and easily into the area you use it, It smells like HEAVEN, it contains coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil and many more, its just a delight to use! It is defiantly worth the money, I have had this for almost a month, using it regularly and you can see in the photo how much is still left.

Fantasia heat protector straightening serum
This would be the thickest serum out of all the ones I will talk about in this post, It is also scented, What I like about this product is again that it is a 2 in 1, also containing heat defence. This product has lasted me years, I use this more so in my natural hair because my natural hair just drinks up moisture and as this one is slightly thinker and is very softening its better to use on my afro hair more-so then extensions where it might make them greasy. This product has been with me for years and it does alot of good for my hair, I love the fact it contains Aloe vera.

Moroccan oil 
Then we have the well-known Moroccan oil! I know many of you would already know about this product so I'll try to keep it breif but this product I feel could work for anyone, whatever hair type. I prefer to use it on damp hair as i feel on dry hair it weighs it down. The smell is phenomenal and even though it is pricey I defiantly think it is worth the money.

So there you have it! I don't usually talk about hair but I love a good serum so thought I would share, Let me know if you use any of these products, what you thought or if this made you want to try one maybe!

Hope you are all well,

Sammi xx


Essential & favourite makeup brushes

Foundation - ELF powder brush & Real techniques Buffing brush

Kabuki - MAC 182 & Green bamboo kabuki

Contour - Real techniques contour brush & MAC 109

Blush - Real techniques stippling brush & Sigma blush brush

Eyeshadow - Sigma large fluff brush, Sigma E35, Sigma short shader, Sigma E40

Eyeliner - Sigma eye liner brush & MAC 263

Hey dolls,
I thought I would share what I think are the most essential brushes for day-to-day makeup and/or for makeup beginners =] These are also my favourite and most used brushes.

Some of my favourite brushes (MAC) are more on the expensive side but many are also inexpensive, I do think brushes are something to really invest in makeup-wise and if you invest in a good brush and look after it, It can stick with you for years! So I have included ones which I think are worth the money and also ones which are cheaper and which also do an amazing job.

For those of you who are really on a budget though, E.L.F do great affordable, good quality brushes so definatly check them out, the most expensive ones are around £3.50.

I hope this could help some of you or that you found this interesting!

Hope you are all well,

Sammi x


Random treats + Makeup bits!

Traditional fudge from 'Fudge kitchen' in Windsor - Belgian chocolate swirl & lemon Meringue

Trying out some flavours from Vom fass

Olay beauty fluid, Catwalk conditioner, Sally Hansen mega shine both from TK Maxx

Modesty lipstick, Fix+ & Soba e/s

Makeup bag from UO

Today (and yesterday) I done a bit of cheeky shopping and strolled around some shops, I kind of wanted to go into shops I wouldn't usually go into and get a few different things hence the random food purchases! I also went into TK Maxx where I hadn't been for ages! found some gems ^_^

I tried some fudge from the Fudge kitchen as i'd heard so much about it and oh my gosh its amazing! If you are every in Windsor try it out! Ricky and I also found ourselves in Vom Fass which is a German store which sells liquors, spirits, oils, vinegar and lots more. We picked out some alcohol (don't judge me) to try, as it was something random & different!

I thought I would try the Olay beauty fluid, The girls/women in my family have used this for years and I thought i'd kind of go back to basics with my moisturiser & see if that works!

This Catwalk conditioner is my favourite so when I saw it in TK Maxx I nabbed it! Then at the counter I saw the Sally Hansen varnish and thought i'd also have that for only £2.99! (Not without a sigh from the guy on the till)

I had a few things on my MAC Wishlist & also had things to back-to-mac so picked up these bits! Saw 'Modesty' in Zara's video and HAD to have it! I wanted a mini fix+ to carry around & have wanted Soba for ages to use in my crease.

Lastly I'd been on the hunt for a new makeup bag & I saw this one in Urban outfitters, It was a tenner so I thought i'd have it! Such a lovely print and size.

Sorry if i've babbled a little too much Im just so used to chatting about everything i've bought like I do in my videos! haha

Thought i'd share =] Hope you are all well!

Sammi x