Winners of the Joliebox giveaway!

Hey dolls,
I do apologize for it being a little late! I've had SO much going on recently, i've been moving and i've also been without proper internet connection for about 2 weeks which was a nightmare! Haha, anyhow, Here are the winners of my Joliebox competition!

Winner of the 1 Year Joliebox subscription
Laura Lee Lee

Winners of the 3 Month Joliebox subscriptions

Joliebox will be in contact with you shortly so they can send you the boxes over, CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you sooo much to everyone who entered and thank you all so much for your ideas for posts and your feedback on what you would like to see. Thank you all also for being so lovely and supportive =]

Sammi xoxo


Styling | creepers

Skirt & cardi | Cardi - Monki / Skirt - AA / Hat - Beyond retro / Top - F21 Camo & jeans | Jacket - Ebay / Jeans - Topshop / Hat - H&M Maxi & leather | Skirt - Monki / Top - Monki / Bag - F21 Tights & denim | Shorts - Vintage / Top - Bershka / Blazer - H&M / Bag - Topshop / Belt - Topshop Lazy day/Travelling | Hoody - Stole from bf / Top - Topshop / Riding pants - H&M / Bag - Charity shop

Hey dolls,
Yesterday I put a video up showing some ways I style creepers as it was very highly requested! I thought i'd also post it on my blog as some people have said they'd like to see some styling-type posts.
Hopefully it could help some people and maybe you could pull bits and bobs from it!

If you have any posts of your own styling creepers link them below, i'd love to see =]

You could also chuck more styling post ideas at me and I'll try to do them!

Sammi xoxo



Top - American apparel / Jeans - MOTEL / Necklace - Regal rose / Hat - H&M / Shoes - * Sculpted cut out wedges - So you shoes / Lips - Revlon Smoked peach / Cheeks - MAC Lilicent

Hey dolls,
I just HAD to show you these shoes I received asap! If you watched my last haul video you may know I bought some JC Nightwalker knock-offs in a bright coral/pink colour but I was also lusting after the black ones as they are so much more versatile and I just love everything black haha ^_^
I received these babies a few days ago and I LOVE them! Such a bargain because the JC ones would easily cost over £100 and these are £40 which is much more affordable, also cuts out the delivery time from the US!

I think they are beautiful but I am not skilled atall in walking in heels, I wish I was! This blog post was the first time I wore them outside and for about 15 minutes...and i fell over =[ Luckily no-one was around haha but to heel-beginners I would say BE CAREFUL! Experienced heel-wearers only!

You can find the 'Nightwalks' here, I also wore these palm-print trousers from MOTEL which I love the colour of! They turn heads as one might mistake the pattern for something else...i'm saying nothing!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Sammi xoxo


The Miss Candy collection

Hey dolls,
Recently a bag of goodies arrived on my doorstep, it turned out to be the new 'Miss Candy' collection by Loreal! An array of pastels in the form of lip-glosses, nail varnishes and eyeshadows...girlie heaven! (Plus a cup of sweeties!) I love everything about the packaging and promotion of this collection, Im a big lover of pastels and of anything candy-related so I was excited to discover what this goodie bag contained. So here are my first impressions of these products,

Miss Candy Glam shine lipgloss
The first thing I noticed was that the lipgloss from the outside looks swirled and its so pretty and unique looking! The second thing I noticed when I went to apply it was that the heart-shaped doefoot-like applicator is very flimsy and just bends everywhere, I didnt like it atall! I wouldn't say its worth it because of the applicator but If you like a sheer and sparkly lipgloss and don't mind a bendy applicator you may like it!

Miss Candy Colour riche nail varnishes
I love the colour range and would probably wear all of these shades, These are my favourite thing from the collection, they are quite small but I actually like that because they would be easy to carry around, very compact. The BEST thing about these is the brush, its very wide and full, it covers the whole nail and makes it so easy to work with. Its not the best formula i've ever tried but you can get a good colour from 2 layers.

Miss candy Infallible eyeshadows 
Now, Im not too mad on these, they are the type of semi-pigment semi-pressed eyeshadow. I dont wear colour on my eyes very often atall so these would go un-used in my collection =[ They give a decent colour payoff and have a metallic finish which is on-trend but I can imagine the staying power of these isn't amazing, I would defiantly say to use a base beforehand.

What do you think of this collection/what wold you most like to try?

Sammi xoxo


Le Joliebox! + Giveaway | CLOSED

Hey dolls,
Im sure you've heard of beauty boxes such as this little Joliebox number, as I have blogged about them before. Its always fun to have a little dabble and see which goodies are included in which boxes! I was always a lover of the Joliebox, French skincare amongst other things is just ravishing and is all the rage at the mo'! (e.g The caudalie craze) (Boxes are usually black, this one is bright because it's special edition) Here are the bits I received in this special birthday edition of Joliebox, I am most excited to try the Bronz Repair tanning cream and I think that would be SO handy to take/use on holiday. I am also really interested in l'occitane at the moment so im excited to try their face cream! I also thought this nail file was really cute and a handy size! What I especially love and what I think are a great touch are the little Joliemags which are included, Its great to have a magazine tailed towards EXACTLY what im interested in instead of flicking through 100 ad's and skim-reading things in a massive magazine. Its simple and to the point ^_^

Would you like to get your hands on a Joliebox? The lovely folk at Joliebox are letting me give away;

1 x 1 year subscription at Joliebox
3 x 3 month subscriptions

All you would have to do to enter is leave a comment down below + 'Like' the Joliebox facebook page!

The comment could be anything! It would be great to know what you would like to see more of on my blog especially, but if you want to keep it simple you can simply say You're entering the competition.

Please also include your email address so we can get back to you when the 4 winners are chosen!

The giveaway will be open for a week and then I shall choose the winners at random,

Also it is UK only!

Good luck! Sammi xx


My holy grail body creams

Hey dolls,
I thought I would share with you my favourite body lotions, a little random I guess but Im just obsessed with body lotions, its summertime when I like to smell all fruity and I love finding one thats just right for me with a lovely smell so I thought maybe this could help some fellow body lotion-obsessors!

Palmers Cocoa butter formula
They say: 'Softens, smoothes and relieves dry skin, heps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars'
I have used this body butter for years! I think I first started using it when I was about 14, It is inexpensive and the whole range from them is just amazing for the price you pay. This cream is very thick so may be better for winter for that reason but it is amazingly moisturising and has a cocoa, sweet smell which I would say is quite strong but they also do a fragrance free version. This would be great for people with dry/very dry skin, or people who get dry knees and elbows. It is quite heavy though on the skin which may be the only drawback.

Soap & glory 'The righteous butter'
'A body moisturising formula formula so virtuous, you might swear you're wearing velvet'
If I had to chose only one body cream to use for the rest of my life it would be this...Thats how much I love it! It is lightweight, it is moisturising, it has such a gorgeous scent, many people have said it smells like the perfume 'Miss Cherie' by Dior which is one of my all-time favourite scents but basically its that famous Soap & glory scent which we all know and love <3 It is around £10 but well worth it.

Bettyhula Rum & Blackcurrent shea butter body cream *
'Honest, natural beauty, Betty's big tub of natural good'
Oh....lord, This was a recent discovery and I am in LOVE! You can find this in Sainsburys so its very accessable, I think it also is around the £10 mark, I dont think it would last as long as the Soap & glory but it is also well worth it. It  smells like heaven & Im so bad at explaining smells so do try to find it yourself and have a sniff! Very lightweight, absorbs quickly, has a 'whipped' consistency and its something that would be perfect to use while on holiday, not sure why, but it just smells like holiday!

Korres Guava body butter
'Extra moisturing cream for dry skin conditions'
The full size of this product dosent look like this tube as this was received in a beauty box many months ago, it absorbs very quickly and actually lasts very long. I enjoy using this alot, I know they do other scents but I havent tried them, I would like to! I would say this is the most lightweight out of the four I have talked about and it has the lightest scent for those who arnt to keen on smelling like a bowl of fruit haha! (Silicone & mineral oil free)

Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite body cream?

Sammi x


My beauty wishlist

Some things that have been on my beauty wish-list for a while, come onnnn pay day!

NUXE Lip balm
Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover
L'Occtaine Almond shower oil
Laura mercier mineral powder foundation
Benefit sun beam
Bare minerals blush (They're so pretty!)
Laura mercier oil-free foundation primer
Diorshow mascara

Whats on your wishlist? =]

Sammi x


The rainy day + Daily outfit uploads

Top - Topshop | Riding pants - H&M | Converse | Jacket - Topshop DIY | Bag - F21 | Hoody - H&M

Hey dolls,
This was a rainy day outfit, I had to get up super early and I just threw this together quickly! Its quite a casual one but I wanted to post it up also to show you guys my new idea!
On my second youtube channel I am starting to upload my outfit of the days...everyday! Its something i've had in mind to do for a long time so I thought i'd just start! Let me know what you think =]

Sammi x


The Glossy GHD's

GHD Black gloss IV styler *

Hey dolls,
I have used GHD's for years now, I started off with some dodgy straighteners at first when I was quite young and straight hair was all the rage. I don't use them as often and as harshly as I used to but once a discovered GHD's I have never looked back! GHD's are much more advanced than your standard straighteners, they have ceramic heater technology and I have always felt that they damage my hair (breakage) alot less than other types of straighteners. I use them on my natural hair which is very very curly and they work in a second. I believe its because of how smooth they are and the heat they reach so quickly, it tames my hair so well!
I've also used Cloud 9 straighteners, I had the larger plate ones but to be honest I don't think they did as good a job at keeping my hair tamed, straight and free from frizz, something these defiantly do.

Anything bad about them?

I honestly cant think of any major bad points, perhaps the price as they cost £99 which is pricey! But honestly, the GHD's I had before these ones (which do still work although I have to tie hairbands around them so they turn on) have lasted me at least 5 years! They last forever and are SO reliable, also handy because they work abroad with different voltages etc so if you travel theres no problem there. Im not sure if that was a proper bad point but I honestly cant think of anything really bad, I swear by GHD's!

So this one is the limited edition Black gloss IV styler, there is also one in red. I love it, its that little bit more sassy and sleek looking.
They feel lovely to work with and its cool to get something that little bit different, they would make an amazing present! I thought that as I opened them because the box and packaging is so luxurious.

I hope I didn't miss anything and I hope this has been of interest incase you are looking for straighteners at the moment!

How do you get on with GHD's? What is your favourite heat styler?

Sammi x


The diamond jubilee

Bodysuit - Bershka | Disco pants - American Apparel | Belt - Topshop | Cardi - Forever21 | Bag - Forever21 | Flatforms - H&M | Rings - Market + Regal rose

Hi dolls,

It feels like the Jubilee has been here forever! I thought I would get this post up on the last day, might as well =] This was taken yesterday and I wanted to dress in the jubilee colours, We tried to find something going on as in a street party or something of that nature but everywhere was dead! Fail haha. Anyhow, its not too often England gets to celebrate big things like this and I love the feeling of the whole country celebrating together ^_^

Hope you've had a grand Jubilee! (If you are from outside the UK, Hope you've had a lovely day! ;)

Sammi xoxo


Sams Instagram

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Hey dolls,

So I took a bash at doing an instagram post, as you can see! I like looking at these on some of my favourite blogs so thought it would be cool! These photos were taken over the last two weeks or so. Hope you like!

Instagram - Labeautycrush

Sammi xoxo


The river house

Top - Topshop
Skirt - American apparel
Flat forms - H&M
Necklace - Forever21
Bracelets - Fashionology

Hey dolls,
Recently I popped into town with my sister as I really wanted to get my nails done! I've wanted 'stiletto nails' for the longest time, had seen them on celebs & bloggers/youtubers and everytime I see them I love them! I haven't had false nails for at least 4 years or so, I cant even remember the last time, so I thought it would be something different and fun to do ^_^
This was the outfit of the day, I was quite warm still so I thought i'd dress for the occasion haha!

Hope you are all well,

Sammi xoxo