The Tartan Shirt

Top - Monki
Shirt - Monki
Jeans - American Apparel
Faux fur collar - eBay
Boots - Missguided
Cross necklace - Fashionology
Bag - Charity shop

Hey dolls,
Happy sunday! Having such a lazy/cozy one today, (Ran some errands earlier but chilling now!) I havent been feeling myself over the last few days so i've been loading up on treats! Later i'm also going to make this....oh my god, My mouth is watering already!
This was my outfit today, Kind of thrown together. I hadn't worn this shirt for a while and I was going to sling a leather jacket over it but tried on my black collar and it kept me warm enough for the day, I thought it looked quite nice! ^_^ (Oh I must say! I didnt wear these boots out to town, I wore my ebay spiked babies but I love these boots so much and I think they go well with this outfit! If I had the chance to go somewhere a little more dressy I would have defiantly have worn them out!)

What have you been up to today?

Sammi x


The 777 Outfit

Top - Topshop
Skirt - ASOS
Boots - eBay
Jacket - Topshop (+DIY)
Bag - Urban Outfitters (sale)
Faux fur collar - H&M
Hat - eBay
Necklace - H&M
Lips - Rimmel Black Tulip pencil
Phone case - Youwearfashion

Hey Guys,
A few nights ago I had the opportunity to go to see Rihanna at her 777 tour in London where she performed some songs from her new album 'Unapologetic' (Which I quite like!) along with some of her biggest hits/classics. It was c/o Livenation so a massive thanks so them! I jumped at the chance because i'd never been to a Rihanna concert before and this was quite a small intimate one which I thought was really cool! We had a great time there + I LOVED her outfit!
Anywho - long intro aside, this is what I wore on the night, I wasn't going to dress up to the nines but I also wanted to look kind of put-together and also to be warm as i'd be travelling around London quite late at night. Faux fur is my saviour! I love the neon beanie because it keeps me warm whilst being on trend but it also dressed down the outfit too.

What do you think of Rihanna's new album? Were you at the tour?

Sammi x


The Khaki Pants

Top - Topshop (sale)
Khaki Pants - c/o Glamorous
Jacket - Topshop
Faux fur collar - eBay
Chain - HRHCollection
Bag - eBay
Boots - JC Litas
Nails - Rimmel Pompous

This outfit has quite a 'rock chic' vibe to it I think, which I didn't particularly mean to happen! I think its the t-shirt along with the faux fur. As you guys know I dont wear too much colour but these trousers are such a nice autumn muted colour they make it quite easy. They are disco pant-esque but are quite a bit thinner than the AA version. You could easily dress this down with some comfy Converse!

Sammi xx


NEXT | New York Perfume

NEXT New York Eau de Parfum*
Shabby Chic drawers - Dollybowbow*

Hey dolls, 
I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday evening, I wanted to just give a little ramble/review of this new perfume which is from NEXT, I have mixed feelings!
Now to be honest, NEXT isn't somewhere I shop often, I don't think the clothes are my style atall, If I go in there its usually to their homeware section as they do have some really cute things! I'm massively into perfume though so I was defiantly interested in trying this baby out. 

Its not the type of scent I usually go for, Im terrible at explaining scents so i'll include how they explain it;

'A radiant, white floral fragrance with elegant jasmine and sun-kissed orange blossom. In spiring and cosmopolitan, this blend captivates and engages the senses.'

It is defiantly quite a strong jasmine based scent, whereas I usually go for a vanilla/exotic vibe. Its really nice to have something a little different in my collection for those days where you are sick of the same old scents.
Aesthetically I really love the bottle, I think its very current and classy and would look really cute purched on my dressing table. 
The down side of this scent to me is that when its first sprayed it is very strong (to me), which I dont like but its nice once it settles in. Also I dont think it lasts very long atall, after 2/3 hours its pretty much disappeared - as its a small little bottle though it actually wouldn't be too bad to carry around with you to top up throughout the day.

So overall I quite like this little fragrance, Its something I'd use when I want a change but I dont love it more than my fave perfumes (Miss Dior cherie/CHANEL Eau tendre) by a long shot! Maybe give it a whiff next time you're in NEXT, I also have tried out the MILAN Room diffuser and I really like that! They seem to have brought out some really nice products recently which would be great for christmas. 

Let me know what you think of this if you have it or have smelt it, I think its a lovely stocking filler!

Sammi x


The Ripped Jean

Jumper - Topshop
Jeans - ASOS
Boots - eBay
Jacket - Topshop
Hat - eBay
Bag - eBay
Knuckle rings* - Regal Rose + Shop Dixi
Lips - Rimmel pencil in Black Tulip
Nails - Leighton denny - Babydoll / BarryM glitter polish

Hey dolls,
This post was a little delayed but this was just a casual, running errands outfit which I slung together. I really wanted to wear this new Topshop jumper of mine and I think it looks great as part of an all-black outfit as I really love the texture it gives due to the knit.
Yesterday I took part in an ever-so-exciting shoot over at Missguided! Pictures soon to follow - You guys should be seeing all the results from that day soon. I got to meet some of my favourite bloggers too! but before I ramble too much here, I'll leave it all for that post ;)

(Pictures on my Instagram for a sneeky peek!)

Hope you're all having  lovely weekend so far =]

Sammi x


My Current Makeup Bag

Hey guys,
Today I thought we could take a little delve into whats hiding inside my makeup bag at the moment. I probably don't need to say this but I didn't change any of the contents when I grabbed it for this post, Hence a lot of random and extra things were in there that I didn't even realise!
So lets delve a little deeper...

Okay, God knows why I need THREE Lip treatments! They are all great though especially with the cold weather at the moment.

Now, again...Someone needs to tell me why I have so many pencils in my bag! I don't even use most of them on a daily basis to be honest! They are all colours which I tell myself I 'might need one day' - They can sometimes come in handy!

I seem to like my reddish-pinks at the moment! This body shop lipstick is a new favourite of mine (Shade 13), The two MAC Lipsticks are Plumful + Plink

Miscellaneous Items! My current favourite powder, I always carry lash glue around with me even though i never wear them in the day and I like to carry a mini perfume sample around, Because you never know! At the moment its Chloe, its gorgeous!
Makeup Bag - Urban Outfitters

Thats everything I found in my makeup bag today, I hope you like this post and a little insight into what I use and carry around. I hope you are all having a lovely and cozy sunday evening, Im off to finish cooking the roast! (how Cliche)

Sammi x


The Autumn Dungarees

Dungarees - Yayer
Polo top - H&M
Cardi - AA
Faux fur - H&M
Chelsea Boots - Monki
Bag - eBay
Belt - Thrifted
Necklace - Gogophillip
Nails - Ciate Plastic Fantastic
Lips - MAC Cream in your coffee

Hey dolls,
I thought I would take advantage of the beautiful autumnal scenery around me for this post and so its alot more colourful than my other posts, hurrah!
I know dungarees are a little marmite, they bring alot of people back to their childhood (maybe hence me playing in the leaves) but I have been inspired this year by the likes of Alexa Chung, who styles them so effortlessly and so I sometimes dig them out and sport a pair.
You may have noticed I added and took away a belt, I was just playing around with the look! I like it without a little better I think =]

Sammi x


The Leopard dress

Dress - Oh My Love*
Boots - eBay
Bag - Lace & Ladders*
Watch - Michael Kors
Necklace - H&M
Coat - ASOS Marketplace
Collar - ASOS
Lips - Dark Side

I posted a night-out type of look not too long ago and I thought the response was lovely! (thanks guys!) So I thought i'd throw another one atcha! You could obviously wear this type of thing with tights as its FREEZING at the moment, but I thought i'd just go all out. This dress a stunner from Ohmylove, I was surprised at first as it looks alot nice on than off and its very versatile, If I didn't go for this coat i'd style with a leather jacket and sheer tights.

Hope you're all well & Remember, remember the 5th of November!

Sammi x

[I have to apologise for the lighting, its terrible in my flat! Still trying to work it out]