The Pleather Peplum Skirt

*Top - Missguided
*Skirt - MOTEL Rocks
*Boots - Missguided < Similar
Bag - Zara
Coat - ASOS Marketplace
*Earrings - Regal Rose
Lips - MAC Rebel

Sorry for the bra-age!
This outfit was styled around this pleather peplum skirt which is from MOTEL Rocks. At first I thought this skirt might be quite tight and uncomfortable but it fits like a glove (size M) and was not rigid like I thought but actually really comfy!
I went with a crop top - I've been wearing them non-stop recently and also with the top and bottom being very form-fitting I would definatly cover the legs so it dosent look a bit too much. This would be a night-out outfit for me!

Sammi x


The Accelerator Endless Mascara

Hey dolls,
I recently tried out this new mascara from Rimmel, I believe its an update on their lash accelerator mascara - It has a lash growth complex and also it adds fibres to the ends of the lashes making them appear longer, Heres what I think of it so far!

I've been using it for around a week and Im on the fence at the moment! Firstly I like that it is quite an intense black and it thickens my lashes quite well. It lasts all day on my lashes and dosent flake but I don't usually have a problem with that anyhow.

I also feel that it does hold a curl to the lashes which is nice and the bigger end of the brush is good for lengthening out the lashes at the outer corner of the eye.

On the critical side - I feel like it does clump a little on my lashes which I really don't like in mascaras usually! It makes my lashes stick together a bit and the only other thing is that The brush isnt great for separating and I feel it is a little flimsy.

Of course this is just my view on the mascara so far and each mascara can work differently for everybody! In a mascara I usually look for length, separation and volume and though its not a bad mascara by any means its not one i'll grab again - Saying that I am always trying out different mascaras anyway!

I cant say anything yet on the growth front as I haven't been using it too long but I always switch mascaras by the time I might be able to see results anyway, whoops! haha

Have you tried this mascara? let me know what you thought!

Sammi xx


The Military Vest

Top - Topshop
*Military vest-jacket - LavishAlice
Skirt - Monki
Hat - ASOS
*Boots - Missguided
Necklace - Missguided
*Clutch - LavishAlice 
Knuckle rings - Regal rose
Lips - MAC Kinda Sexy
Nails - (A chipped) ESSIE - Wicked

Hey dolls,
A little bit of colour is upon my blog! I styled this look with tights and without just so you could get an idea of how it would look either way. I know in many other parts of the world its still actually quite warm - Here in England its bloody FREEZING though! (Which would call for a coat over this too)

I received some items from 'Lavish Alice' recently, This lightweight sleeveless jacket would also look great layered up with jumpers or in spring with skirts and shorts, very versatile!
I probably wouldn't usually style this type of outfit with this clutch but here on my blog I like amping things up a little and making things look a little more dressy! This clutch would be a great touch to a night-out outfit too =]

Hope you are all well,

Sammi xoxo


The Shine Envy Tong

Recently I was asked if I would like to try out a Vidal Sassoon tool. As I love curly hair and at the moment Im going back to the loose curl look I chose this Shine envy tong, Here are my thoughts!

So as you guys can see its a large barrel curling iron, Works how the usual ones do! What I noticed straight away is how lightweight this iron is, Its very comfortable to hold and the handle section is oval rather than round which also makes it more manageable to work with.

The iron has a lit-up display which shows the levels, Hi - Lo and which you are set to. You can adjust it with the buttons below the screen (Sorry for stating the obvious a little haha) When being held it feels high in quality and is aesthetically pleasing...and shiny! (we all like a bit of shine)

This tong is great for big loose curls/waves and would be great if you like to wear your hair with the 'beachy wave' look. The curls did drop though after an hour or two so I wouldn't suggest to use it for a big occasion - Maybe whack out the hairspray!

*Vidal Sassoon - Pro shine curl tong

I have been using this tong for a week or so now and I have been enjoying it, Its great for those days where I need to be out the door because it heats up in seconds and when my hair is straight I just run some loose curls through the ends and go! As the name suggests it does also boost the shine in my hair after I use it - The image above dosent show it very well but it does in real life!

I always touch on the negative points too though as there are always some for every product! - As I said I like that this tong creates loose curls, but I don't think its so good at creating a good strong curl (if that makes any sense) and I think thats why the curls do drop quite quickly. Its not the best curling iron I have tried. I have tried to look up how much this product is, In some places it was £67 and some places £29 I believe it is worth the latter.

Let me know if any of you have tried this tong and what you think of it. Its been a pleasure to try out!

Sammi xx


Snow Days

Im not sure if you know by now...but its been snowing like crazy here in the UK! Top - Topshop / Necklace - Missguided / Boots - Docs / Coat - Missguided / Beanie - ASOS / Velvet leggings - Topshop / Bag - F21 Me and the boy trudged down to starbucks yesterday morning to grab a Hazelnut white-chocolate mocha with soy milk (whoa, mouthful!)
Thats what I've been getting there recently haha. It was fun crunching through the snow and Docs are the PERFECT snow shoes! Shoes - Doc Marten Serenas Today I have been snuggled up inside, watching the snow fall from the windows (how cliche')
But its really soothing and looks so beautiful! When we get snow here it usually only lasts a day or two so I'm trying to make the most of it =] (and so I should be doing fashion pics really right?! I'll try!) My green chai tea & his...normal tea haha Tonight I made a roast dinner,(This picture was them pre-cooked) It had been a while so we thought why not!
Im a pescaterian so instead of meat I usually have salmon - I am obsessed with salmon! My finished dinner, I dont know if you guys wanted to see this as its not that interesting! I skipped the Yorkshires as im kind of trying to watch what I eat at the moment but then I do get a bit carried away with the potatoes anyway, whoops!

I know this post was a little all over the place but I hope you liked it =] Just a little snow-day overview! I feel like the snow makes me want to hibernate and just watch youtube videos all day!

Have you been having fun in the snow? =]

Sammi x


The Impromptu Stroll

Top - H&M / Under-jacket - Sister saviour / Coat - MOTEL / Bag - eBay / Beanie - ASOS / Leggings - H&M / Wedges - H&M / Necklace - KariteBeauty Jumper - Topman / Jacket - Topman Renewal / Smart joggers - Urban outfitters / Trainers - Jordan cement 3's / Beanie - Black Pyramid / Sunnies - RayBans / Backpack - Herschel 

Went for a random stroll the other day with the boy, We had lunch at pizza express and then walked about town - It didn't last too long as it was pretty damn cold!
I nagged Ricky to stop so I could take a picture of his outfit too this time, Thought it would be cool! I often draw bits of inspiration from his style (shh! haha) Let me know if you'd like to see more 'his & hers style' type posts on the blog!

Its gotten even colder recently here in the UK - its been snowing pretty much all day, I really want to take some pretty pictures in the snow! Maybe once it decides to settle =]

Rickys links (if you wanted to check him out!)
Youtube -
Twitter -
Instagram - Rickyleerichards

Sammi xx


The Daily Face

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
MAC Select cover up foundation
MAC Studio finish concealer

MAC Naked lunch e/s
MAC Satin Taupe e/s
MAC Powersurge eyeliner (not photographed)
MAC Gel liner
Loreal Telescopic mascara
Sleek eyebrow kit - Light

MAC Brave

MAC Trace gold

Today I changed up my makeup routine slightly and so I thought I would log it here and show you guys what I wore today. I haven't done one of these posts in what feels like years, Its something nice to come back to every now & then!

This is just an everyday look, I was running a few errands, not going anywhere fancy and it stayed put all day. I was trying out this foundation for the first time and I quite like it so far! I dont like the smell but it goes after a few minutes. The powder is also new to me - still forming my opinions!

*Quick note - The lighting did wash me out a little! Im constantly battling with lighting haha

Do you like any of these products? Let me know how they've worked for you!

Sammi xx


The Cat Burglar

Top - ASOS
Skirt - River Island
Boots - H&M
Bag - Missguided
Coat - MOTEL Rocks
Necklace - *KariteBeauty
Nails - OPI You dont know Jaques
Rings - Regal Rose
Watch - *Daniel Wellington 

Hey dolls,
My outfit today was based around my new crop top from ASOS which I really love, It does have a bit of a 'burglar' vibe though so I tried to tone that down by not wearing a beanie too!
I've been wearing my Daniel Wellington watch non-stop recently, it gets quite alot of attention weirdly enough! (I say that because its quite subtle) It goes with everything and I love how simplistic it is.
It was absolutely freezing today in London and I realised too late that I should have added an extra layer. Today I actually went to see Gangster Squad and it was SO GOOD! Totally my kind of film and it was full of such amazing actors. I'd defiantly recommend =]

Sammi xx