Dress - Missguided*
Heels - Missguided*
Clutch (similar) - Missguided*

I wore this look for a recent night out and it was inspired by the gorgeous Nicole Scherzinger X Missguided looks which were shot in LA for her recent line of clothes (Which is fab!)
I went for the bold eye look which I recreated on my channel too and I chose this black dress which is actually really comfy and a nice thick/elastic material.

I was going to mix some of my other accessories in with the dress, but Missguided had some lovely shoes and this clutch - so the whole thing has gone Missguided! They have great pieces all-round.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Sammi x


Thotsapol Wongbanchang said...

love that gorgeous dress the cut out looks sophisitcated .

you are stunning ;]

Sally C said...

I love the dress!x

Eleanor said...

I am in love with the Nicole x Misguided collection and you look gorgeous in this dress!
P.S I'm running a giveaway at the moment if you want to enter:) x
The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe Giveaway

Andini Ria said...

You look absolutely amazing, this dress was made for you! xx

Adventures of an Anglophile

Style Flaw said...

I'm loving your tattoos and hair sammi! Your look georgeous.

Flo-Anastasia said...

me and my sister both agree that you look stunning in that dress! I WANT it now! gorgeous xxx

Laura Anne said...

you look stunning!!


Leta said...

Looking sexy and elegant at the same time!

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Hello, It's Crissie said...

You are looking amazing lady!

Charlotte Lewis said...

Stunning! Love it all you gorgeous girl <3 xx

Elizabeth Riddle said...

Such a great outfit!! I love the cutouts!! It really suits you!
Little Beauty Blog
Elizabeth x

Anesu Kashora said...

Wow! You look gorgeous! Can't believe this is all Missguided! Xx

Esther Ivy said...

Gorgeous dress and I love how you styled

Jessicalaar said...

You look absolutely amazing Sammi. I loved watching the video to this look aswell.

Jess x

Lovely Lucy said...

oh em gee, you are just so f*@king pretty, excuse my french! I just had to put it out there. And btw you have gorgeous eyes, I wish mine would pop, i'm so jealous. I have blueish greyish eyes but they're more like a darker shade and they just won't pop ughh :(

Anyway I love you & your blog! Sorry for being so out there :)


Sarah morethanadored said...

This looks incredible on you! Love the eyeliner on you.

Savannah Giersthove said...

This dress is so sexy! You look stunning!

Ioana Capraru said...

you're so gorgeous! i love your take in this look

Gina said...

Looking good! love the tatts

Lys ModestMix said...

Gorgeous dress!

Abbie said...

OMG Sammi you look incredible! Absoulute babe! xx

gillian said...

I have been obsessed with this look since I seen it on Instagram & tumblr. You look stunning just so beautiful, can't wait to check out how to recreate your makeup look on Youtube <3 xx

Veronika said...

you look AH-MAZING !

Sarah - Prowsed said...

So beautiful! You are so pretty and have a stunning figure, the dress suits you so well!

Abigail Horsey said...

Can't get over how AMAZING you look!! So perfect, like a celebrity! Love your tattoos too and your hair colour, looks lovely with your skin. xxx

p.s. you look like a mini rihanna

livinlavidaloba said...

I love the dress and I love your makeup but I think the combination makes you look a bit like a prostitute, would have loved to see a soft feminine pink look to juxtapose it

Georgie Britton said...

I really love this look, and it's great to be able to see your tattoos too!

Hannah Cornish said...

You look incredible! Definitely my style crush xx

Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

Jodie Moores said...

This is absolutely stunning, you make this dress look really classy! You look in such good shape, would be really nice to see a post on how you do it! Xx

Maddy said...

Love this dress, it looks amazing on you! x
Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | YSL Lipstick Giveaway | The Little Deer Sunglasses and £20 Voucher Giveaway

glamorousfashionista said...

u look absolutely stunning! ilysm ur my inspiration!

S. said...

You look amazing! I don't think, many people can pull off this look!:-)

Holl JC said...

Spectacular Sammi! x

Catherine said...

this makeup matches your beautiful eyes <3, xo!

Anne-Dorthe said...

You look hawt! And that eyeliner!!

Kacie Cone said...

Wow this dress is so stunning!

Mlle Sey said...

You look classy and sexy !

Emily said...

Really love that dress on you! You wear it so well. Your hair and makeup are both beautiful (as always!)

Emily | HONEY LOAF x

Catherine said...

love the dress x

Kells said...

Wow amazing, girl! That dress looks stunning! said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

WOW- you look unreal! Love the NICOLE X MISSGUIDED collection too :p

Feel free to check out our newest post x

Lauren S said...

you look uh-mazing in this dress, such a rocking figure sammi (i need to stop saying this in every comment haha) but you do look so fantastic girl <3
Lauren x
Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

Gillian Barrie said...

Wow. You look amazing Sammi. Love the makeup look on you.

Amelia said...

Goodness me, you look gorgeous!

Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger


Daisy Daniels said...

you look gorgeous Sammi! That black dress looks amazing on you!! I published my first post on my blog today, and would really appreciate if if you could check it out!

Thank you :)

Daisy x

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous dress!

Sara Chergui said...

You look gorgeous !

Michelle said...

You look so sexy and classic in that dress :-)

delanie arias said...

you look great in the dress!!! Would you mind checking out my blog?
It would mean the world to me.

Sarah Linda said...

Ok this is nothing to do with the post but I love your floor! (Home decor geek right?) it's beautiful.


Ps. The dress is fab too ;)

Hannah M said...

Such a great dress!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog to celebrate 100 followers, the winner gets to choose their own MAC Lipstick!

The Beauty Drawer

Endless Ticking ♥ said...

Love this!
Check out my blog


Lauren R. said...


Unknown said...

its so nice outfits! amazing.

Debra Bros said...

This look is absolutely fabulous on you! You definitely have the figure for it too which is probably what sets the whole look off just right. Are you thinking of doing any other inspired looks in the coming posts?

Deb | Debra Bros Blog

Saranne Huxton said...

You look unreal! Your style has matured so much from when you started YouTube - You look amazing! X


Debonasta Gelsoeale said...

Great outfit! Love the dress and this make up is amazing!

Tumzine said...

Which camera are you holding? It looks sick! Amazeballs outfit!

Ruth & Priscilla said...

great post!you look stunning =]

Please visit my blog =] I Walk In Fashion

cupcakesandskirts said...

You look brill xx

Victoria Sharp said...

Your gorgeous, I LOVE your tattoos!

Victoria Sharp said...

Your gorgeous, I LOVE your tattoos!

Style Crescent said...

You are stunning!!! <3


Leeshionable said...

Wow, it looks gorgeous! *-*


Sarah Nuttall said...

gorgeous girl gorgeous dress!
you look lovely , love nicoles new range.

take care :)!
sarah @


Ollivander Mo said...

Loving the dress! And your tattoos are are all beautiful!

darlingdee said...

You look amazing Sammi. This dress suits you to a tee!

FashionContainer said...

This little black dress is so lovely! I am in love with the cutouts and the perfect fit. You look absolutely fab!

Ps. Your tats are really nice!
xx, Malena

Molly Patterson said...

I love your makeup in this! and the dress looks great :) xox

Sharna said...

So great to see you in evening wear. Beautiful as always.

Chi-Chi said...

you look amazing! that is all..... x

Sprinkleofmetime said...

Wow! that dress is amazing! love it. Great Job =)

Lesley X said...

Stunning! Love the dress x

Amber McNiff said...

Lovely dress, she has some nice items in her collection

B E A U T Y B Y M E 0 9 said...

I love the strong cat-eye makeup look, gorgeous! x
If anyones interested I just did a post on 'Summer Lovin' Tips'

B E A U T Y B Y M E 0 9 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeVs said...

gorgeous !

Chloe Macree said...

The dress is so lovely! The makeup compliments it so well x

Hannah Valentine said...

So effortlessly beautiful, you're my biggest online style crush!!

Blonde Canvas said...

I need those shoe! Seriously in love x

t said...

Great dress!

xo T.

Mariah Ruthel said...

Amazing dress and shoes! You're stunning :)

Julia in Disguise said...

You look AMAZING as per! xx
Julia in Disguise

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Hannah M said...


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Je rêve de beauté said...

I just watch your boob job video, just want to say good on you for doing it and 'coming out' about it. Haters gon' hate :) x

Emily Monsey said...

love this dress and the whole collection!

Birminghamcater Birming hamcater said...
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Emma Reay said...

You look gorgeous & i really love your dress!

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Love Emma xx

Laura said...

This looks so lovely on you! Xx


Karen said...

You are slaying in this dress. I LOVE!

Queenie said...

amazing dress!

Amelia Rose Hopcroft said...

wow! Such a hottie!!

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