I’ve recently been doing a spot of online shopping (as you can probably tell from my last post) and here are some items which I just couldn’t leave the website without!
Leopard boots / White tee / Black ripped jeans / Black Boots

I wore these leopard print boots today for the first time and they’re a snug fit and I think need wearing in but I think they look FAB! The plain white v-neck top and the jeans I think are brilliant staple pieces and then these boots I just feel head over heels for (no pun intended) They elongate your legs like nothing else!
I’ve been inside quite a lot recently so there haven’t been as many outdoor style photos but i’ve been working on some indoor ones so they’ll be more up soon! 
S x

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  1. Kate says:

    Love the leopard print boots! x

    Under Blue Lights

  2. Those black helled boots are gorgeous! You can tell from the picture that they're so versatile and will go with anything! So autumn/winter chic! x

  3. Tara Clare says:

    I love those black boots, gorgeous! Great post as always xx

    Beauty & Fashion blog:

  4. Ana Céline says:

    I adore those leopard print boots!
    Ana Céline Labod

  5. kfc says:

    Plain white tees are so easy and comfortable to wear and the V-neck makes it extra stylish. Love those leopard print boots too! I need me a pair of those…lolz

  6. Rachel says:

    these boots are gorgeous!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  7. those leopard prints boots are gorgeous!

  8. ThriftThick says:

    So excited that it's finally cooling down enough to wear ankle boots all the time! They're so perfect and the two you picked up recently are gorgeous 🙂


  9. Malonda Rose says:

    The black one are fierce!!!
    I just love it.

  10. Nina Zane says:

    Need to get me some black ripped jeans 🙂 xx

  11. Izzie Snowe says:

    You make great fashion choices! Those leopard print boots are fab x

  12. Omg Sammi, I should not have come here! I'm so skint but I'm so tempted to get those leopard print boots. They're GORGEOUS!

  13. Emily Moodie says:

    Absolutely love the leopard print boots – they're gorgeous! xx

    emily x ♥ | emily's beauty blog

  14. The leopard print boots are amazing!! I want!!! <3

  15. Paris Lynn says:

    actually in love with those black booties, good choice! xx

  16. Janie Dane says:

    I loooove the black ones! I'm a sucker for a good heel. Too bad they hurt so much… 🙁

    I love your style. I wish a could raid your closet.. 😛

  17. Lovely purchases, especially the black boot. Just a little jealous! X

  18. Sam says:

    The boots are absolutely to die for!! Just wish I could afford them :O haha
    Sam xx

  19. Oh. My. God. Those leopard print shoes are fabulous!!! can glam up any basic outfit!

  20. the black boots are just gorgeous<3

  21. Chantal says:

    Those boots are soooo high, but they are stunning! I love them. 🙂 x

  22. Sara Chergui says:

    These shoes are looking super gorgeous !


  23. love those leopard print boots!

  24. Those leopard print boots are beaute! xx

  25. Abby Smith says:

    Oh maaayyn, those boots are so rad!


  26. Leta G. says:

    I looove the black ones!

    Fashion blogger, freelance stylist and photographer, interior designer, photo model and music production student. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

  27. nueyork says:

    Both shoes are so stunning, but my favourite have to be the leopard!

  28. I love the black booties! They are gorgeous!

    Daisy x

  29. Kat says:

    Those boots are really cool, paired with some basics and they'd look fab!

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

  30. Kimberly says:

    those black boots are gorgeous!

    City Style

  31. Ooo those leopard print boots are so lovely! Really need some leopard print shoes!!


  32. Jamie Morton says:

    Love these black boots!! They look gorgeous!

    Islington dry carpet cleaners

  33. Love those boots they super cute

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  34. Rosie says:

    Love the black boots!xx

  35. Tee says:

    Those black boots, love them!!

  36. t says:

    Nice boots! Love the leopard print ones!

    xo T.

  37. - Karen says:

    Those black boots are stunning!

    Style Sunrise☀


  38. Kat Marie says:

    Those heels could be a weapon and that's important. Love them! So glad I can finally comment on your posts Sam! New blogger here 🙂


  39. Celine says:

    those black heels are to die for xx

  40. Those black boots are fabulous!!!

  41. Kacie Cone says:

    Wow those leopard boots are way too cute!

  42. In my opinion you can never have enough shoes (and clothes too!). To quote the amazing Carrie Bradshaw: "I'd like to see my money hanging where I can see it. In my closet." Cheers to that. I love the things you bought, especially the leopard boots. They're super cute! Have a nice day 🙂
    x I 🙂

  43. I'm loving these leopard booties! They're absolute must 🙂
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  44. alisimo says:

    I have just started a blog as i thought it looked so much fun! you get to design what you want it to look like and personalise it to you. I would be so grateful if anyone could take a look and give me advice on how to improve it. link below 🙂

  45. I'm totally in loveee with this shoes you got!!! specially the black ones <3

  46. Loved the vlog where you wore and ordered these shoes they look great I need to work on getting your legs 🙂

  47. Love your style and your little advice rants on youtube! Also your blog inspires me to write and spread my opinion so I've left it below if anyone wants to have a looook. xx

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