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Welcome to my living room. I recently posted a video where I showed you around my living room. I talked about how I wanted the room to feel and what my favourite pieces are. I wanted to share my favourite room of the house here too, because I have always thought that video and photography give such different feels, even to the same topic or subject. 

We are renting, so the house isn't exactly how we would design/decorate if it were our own place, but this is what i've done with it so far (even since these snaps i've added a few bits!) My favourite item in the room is our Crumpet sofa from Loaf. I am so enamoured with the rich colour of it, I feel like it really sets the mood for the room. (I was going for calm, mellow, comfortable and cosy)

I have tried to add touches of texture and theme to the room, one theme of the room seems to be black lines, which actually happened quite naturally as I was gradually collecting pieces of decor for the room but I like the mix of this with the faux-fur which is dotted around the room too.

I have added touches of gold to the room too, I think blue and gold match each other really well and the gold helps bring a warmth to the room. Another thing that I think makes the room look a little more inviting is wood, like the wooden side-table next to our sofa, it helps makes the room look more liveable. 

If you'd like to hear me natter more about the house do check out my video, but I hope you've enjoyed this snoop around the room!


Sammi x




Sofa - Loaf

TV Stand - Loaf 

Arch Mirror - Lighting Direct 

Shaggy rug - Homesense 

Glass box - Decorum 

Prints & Frames - Desinio 

Faux Palm - Rose & Grey 

Wicker lantern holder - Trouva

  • I loved the Living Room video Sammi, and just loving the Loaf sofa, definitely my favourite feature! xo

    Anika |

  • So lovely! Love the colour of the sofa.

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Absolutely love this – your home style is beautiful! x

  • Elle McMahon

    It all look stunning! Must have been so much fun doing it all.

  • Looks homey (is that how it’s spelled) and cozy. Your dog seems to feel right at home! Look at him! So cute!

    I’m looking into house prices in London and I’m just gobsmacked at the house prices. I guess I can’t afford to own a bathroom according to London prices!!

    The Heba xx

  • Diana

    This looks great, I love the plants and the mirror!!

  • catherine ♡

    I love how cosy this room looks! The plants look gorgeous and I love the blues and golds together x

  • Risum with Ameze

    I love the decor and botanical theme in this living room! I love the colour scheme too great job Sammi!

    Ameze xxx

  • Love the Cosy and botanical vibe xx

  • wow, so dreamy! the sofa is just beautiful. Very sophisticated and cosy interior. I love your style, Sammi.

  • Samantha

    Renting is so tough, but you did such an amazing job decorating the space!


  • Kevyn Salazar

    love everything about your living room! got here through your October favorites video and I just wanted to say I LOVE the new blog layout!!!

  • theblackblush blog

    That room looks amazing! So cozy! Love the color of the sofa!

    The Black Blush

  • Where’s Riley?

  • Aubree Hayward

    You probably already know that your living room is lovely, so I wanted to comment on how good your website is looking – I’ve just gotten into web design myself and your website is one of my biggest inspirations. seriously, the detail down to the text boxes having that thin black border is so, so good. hats off to you and your engineer, all your hard work shows!

  • Kendudy dudy

    love it

  • I just adore Franklin in this last picture!!


    omg thank you Sammi for Desenio, that website is all I’ve ever dreamed of!!