Angelica Blick
Beauty and the blog
Buy now, blog later
Handful of fashion
I've got a lust for life
Jessica french fashion & beauty
Jex and the city
Le blog de betty
Lily Pebbles
Londons closet
Milk bubble tea
Pearls and poodles
Ring my bell
She wears fashion
Sprinkle of glitter
The Londoner
The Glam and Glitter
The style playlist
Victoria Tornegren
Vivianna does makeup
What I heart today


Austen said...

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MilanixLaBelle said...

New to this blogging thing, Maria my dear how do I folllow your blog?! x

Vie De Paris said...

Love this!

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Paula Counsell said...

Hello, very shameless plug here but please check out my blog and tell me what you think bloggers =)

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Natalie said...

Loved flicking through these blogs and ended up following a handful. :)

Fashion Rage said...

I loved looking through these blogs to see which ones I like, as I'm new to the whole blogging.

Amtul Qayyum said...

Nice blog, very well put together I liked a lot of your styles

Eleanor said...

going to check all of these out right now! :)

Ellen said...

Hi Sammi, I have to admit I am a loyal follower on your YouTube and <3 u!

If you ever have the time, to check out my blog that would be amazing!

xox Ellen from

TerReeSuH said...

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Coco Blush said...

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Zoe W said...

Having followed these blogs for ages, i've just started my own! Would love it if you could check it out :)


Elizabeth Louisa said...

Definitely followed a couple more blogs thanks to this little list :)

Amy said...

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Felicity Mozdzen said...

You have an amazing blog! I found the perfect ankle boots because of you and I hope you could post more about your awesome shoes. Keep it up!

Vicki said...

Oh how I love beauty blogs!! Check mine out! Trying a hold of all this craziness but loving every minute of it! -

Jean Raizel Gonzales said...

Thanks for the blog roll! I started opening the links from the bottom, actually. Half the clothes I've seen are the kind of clothes I prefer to wear, I'm so glad I came across this site! Too bad I left most of my wardrobe in a self storage unit so I can move from house to house easily.

Chelsea Millian said...

Thanks for the blog roll! I've found several ideas to do with my convertible dresses at home. I've also discovered new ways in pairing boots and dresses!

- Chelsea AM

TipOfTheBlush said...

i love reading your blog!

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Amy Jayne said...

I love your blog!
Since last year I've been watching your youtube videos and became a fan instantly.
Your fashion style is flawless! :)


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Hi Sammi,
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I really love your blog, and your youtube channel!
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I was going to offer you some help with your vlogs but having seen them I can see you dont need it! Your focus and lighting looks great, good job. If you do ever need any help with VIDEO PRODUCTION let me know. That goes for PHOTOGRAPHY as well.

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love these blogs.

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Great list, I've added them all to my bookmarks for visiting.

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Thank you for the great blog selection! Will definitely be checking them out :) xxxxx

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Heya, I have tagged to to do the behind the scenes of beauty tag by the beau bow! Here is a link to it on my blog

Adriana Isabel Reis said...

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Cocktails & Yoga said...

Some of these blogs are great.

Giraffe in Dark Glasses said...

Rant, ramble and life stories on this blog.

Emily Joseph said...

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kelllllyyyy said...

check out my new blog :)( id love to know what you guys think and let me know how i can improve it :)

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Natalie said...

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Jen JbBoutique said...

Im a fan of both your youtube and your blog. Its great to read and watch other people with the same passion.
Jen x

Gem Luxx said...

I have checked loads of these out and loved them, thanks for this!

If you wouldn't mind checking out my beauty blog that would be fantastic :) Gem x

Georgie Colloff said...

Nice blog roll... Love Anna Saccone... Especially now she has beautiful Emilia featured often.. Very cute family! :D


great blogs! given me so much inspiration :)

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Armani X

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