Times are changing…

Just got back from holiday yesterday, was good but only 2 days of sun! =[
Anywhooo jus though i should update because i havent posted a new blog for aaagesss again.
Having alot of thoughts about life and not sure what to do with mine lol i’ll work it out i sposee….need to take the right path.
Awwwww my bf got me a London Links charm bracelett im so happy ahhh no one ever gets me jewellery!
hehehe yeaaa omg cassies new hair?!…..

Im half like WTF and half like…its different..bold….and now shes not like an actual unreal ‘perfect’ prettiest woman on earth….[bahaha!] but yea like….whatever makes u happy at the end of the day..

I’ll post some pix from my holiday soon
newho i cant think of anything else right now so adios =]
Samantha xo