20 Questions 20 Answers

I saw this tag on ellacinderella’s blog =] Which i think you
should follow! its brill
So i decided to take part too! so here goes

(FOTD below =])

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without
My Biiigggg bag full of stuff lol It includes my purse,
Sunglasses (if its sunny) Camera because im forever taking
pictures, My phone and of course my make-up aaaand
in my make-up bag would be my foundation, Eyeliner, Mascara,
Lip balm, lipgloss and blusher =]

2. Favourite brand of makeup
MAC definatly, i do use alot of other brands though, MAC’s foundation
has been the best ive tried cause it stays on all day! I also love Benifit,
Maybeline and Dior

3. Favourite flower
Oooo my fave flowers are Lillys then daisys, I dont know why
i love lillys so much but i do lol and i love daisys because theyre
so pretty and can grow anywhere which makes the
place then look pretty

4. Favourite clothing store
I love Topshop because they have so many different styles and
im constantly changing my style! I also like Bershka and H&M and loads
more but i cant think off the top of my head!

5. Favourite perfume
Ohh i just dun a blog on my perfumes, My favourite
is Angel by Thierry Muliger

6. Heels or Flats
Heels! I wish i could wear them all the time, they
make your legs look so much better

7. Do you make good grades
Yeaahh they were ok, ive got 10 GCSE’s and Three AS levels, One
A2 Level and a Diploma in Art foundation, I hated school though because
i didnt like having to do subjects that you hate and all the rules

8. Favourite colours
Pink / Red / Brown

9. Do you drink energy drinks
I have Red Bull sometimes but I mainly
drink juices and Water

10. Do you drink juice
Yess alot of it! every morning and if i come
across one of those juce stand things i havta get
one lol

11. Do you like swimming
I love swimming, i used to be in the swimming squad at a competitive level
But i quit that…i quit so many activities when i was a kid..i was never
impressed lol

12. Do you eat fries with a fork
Wheres the fun in that lol, i dont but i used to
love when you get fish and chips and you get that wooden weird
fork thing..good times lol

13. Favourite moisturiser
Ohhh my god i have no idea, i used to use any old
moisturiser because i didnt think it made a difference
but ive just recently brought a johnsons one and now today
i brought an Olay moisturiser

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
Yess ^_^ I wanna have the most beautiful

15. Do you get mad easily
Not really, i dont see the point in it, But i think what would get
me mad if anything, is when people are so damn negative about
things, if they see the worst in a situation

16. Are you into ghost hunting
Personally..no! Im shit scared of ghosts lol
Id love to know if theyre real but not first hand!

17. Any phobias
Spiders / Moths / Lofts&Basements / Mould

18. Do you bite your nails
Not really…dirt collects there eughh

19. Have you ever had a near death experience
Yeahh well i was driving once and a kinda barrell
thing fell off a van in front of me, i had to swerve into the next lane and if there
was another car there i would have crashed =[

20. Do you drink coffee
Not realy i hate the taste! Ive just discovered Iced
Latte’s though which are noiiceee but i dont wana
drink too many

Sorry about the dodgy text here, it wouldnt change!

Sam xo