Dior Stick

Thought I would share with you which lipstick i use currently, I dont have many lipsticks and i dont know why! i think when i was growing up someone said ‘you cant use lipstick till you’re a woman’..and it kinda stuck…untill i realised what aloada nonsence it was lol so i have a few from Rimmel and Barry M but when I went to New York i decided to get one that is better quality from a top kinda brand…
Woah life story lol sorri,
so i got this Dior Addict lipstick in quite a neutral colour because i didnt want to scare people with my lips at first…

Dior Addict – 629 ROSE DECOLLETE

(Sorry the picture actually sucks…its late and the lightings bad lol)

It had such a nice texture, it makes my lips soft and it lasts quite a while..if i was on a night out i’d have to re-apply through the night but its not as bad as some others ive tried.
I’d recommend Dior lipsticks, the actual lipstick is so pretty-looking aswell..part of why i wanted it lol

Just so you can see what it looks like on;

[This was taken last month..I have brown hair again now ^_^
and omg how pale do i look? *hides face*]

p.s Im realllyy sorry…i keep changing my blog name! But ive settled now and am happy lol, it wont change again! Thank you all again for following my blog! it makes me happy that people are interested in what i write about! It’ll make me post more =D

I want to try video blogging aswell..ive opened a youtube account and i may try to show u guys things on there aswell, i’ll share my tips and tricks!
Do you think i should video blog?

Sammi xo