FOTD & Haul

I was going for a simple pin-up liner kind of look, nothing special!

Hello all! So today I got paid and I couldnt WAAIITTT to go and get some things i’ve wanted since forever (when i last had money) lol, So in the morning i went to the shop to get some skincare stuff ect, Heres what i got;

[I actually done a video blog for this but then i thought it was rubbish so ive written about it =]

– Naturalites Fake Lashes
– Simple face Brightening wipes
– Neautrogena Blackhead eliminating scrub
– Max Factor False lash effect (waterproof)

Ive tried the lashes before and theyre good but i just got them today because i ALWAYS lose them for some reason.

The Neutrogena scrub is loovelyy =] I tried it straight away lol, the beads are so small so it dosent feel like its rough on your face and it smells realy fresh

I got the ‘false lash effect’ mascara because I heard that its like the covergirl lashblast mascara which is supposed t be amazing, So i was reali exited to use it buutt on the first coat it didnt impress me atall, then i added two more coats and it does build up well but it made my lashes veryyy clumpy which i dont feel is a good look…ive decided i cant use plastic wand mascara’s! they dont agree with me =[

I havent tried the Simple wipes yet but i know a few people who use them and recommend them so hopefully theyre good! I might write about them them after ive used them for a while.

This was just my first haul but there will be mannnyyy more…especially when i get my uni loan =D