The last 24 hours

So my internet connection stopped working last night,
I was NOT amused!
ooo u might have noticed i’ve changed my page around a bit
I realy wanted xml layout with the links ^^^
I recommend them ^_^ I’ll probably change it round a bit
still though…
Uhh i’ve got work tomorrow..i just got a job and i hate it already!
The problem with working in a womens retail store is that
everyone treats you like SHITT
which sucks…
Kinda confirms why i’m friends with more guys than girls..theyre so bitchyy.
Ooo ive been cooking alot recently, I love cooking, i find it realy therapeutic, whats a
good dish to cook? i wana improve!
Ive been constantly adding to my list of things I want when i get paid..i want a whole new batch of MAC make-up and i definatly want a black boyfriend Blazer and then funk it out with some
So just thought i’d write about whats been going on with me just recently,
I hope you guys like reading my blog..I want it to be like my main website page
because as much as I like myspace..it does get a bit boring..
I’ll post again soon

Sam xox