B-day Buisness!

Heyaa =] it was my b-day the other day [10th] and I thought i’d share a few things my loved ones got mee and sum pix from the day! Ooooh i got a few things from M.A.C [yess!] so i’ll be reviewing them for you guys, and I got the ‘Skin’ foundation from Bobbi Brown ^_^

First prezzies from my family =]

My custom-made cookie monster cake!

My balloon popped up in my room in the morning lol
[My nickname is Pantha because of my tattoo]

My bf got me a Lush gift box! amoungst other thaangss

The M.A.C lol i was like =o

Little meal the night before =]

Me and Ricky

I also got Denises competition prize on my b-day! Thank you soo muchhh =]

I’ll do a post on my Mac make-up soon, I lovee itt! lol My mum asked what id like for my B-day, i just said….MACC!! lol

Ohh im going away on Monday to Egypt, exiteddd! Its a cruise so no beaches =[ but shud b gd i hope! Has anyone been on a cruise?

Hope you’re well

Sammi xoxo