Got the keys!

Hey sorri guys just a quick no-make-up post!

So im going back to uni in september and me and my mate Jexie are moving into this ‘penthouse’ flat down there! We fell in love with it as soon as we saw it & we got the keys yesterday! woo!! I jus wana move in lol but gotta wait a bit =[
But we went to look around it again with our mums (o dear) and we met the neighbour who said we shouldnt make noise….(BAHAHA)

We took some pictures of our empty flat rooms lol

On the way…with my mums slowwww driving lol

Our kitchen…is beautifulll!

My sis modelling the kitchen

The living room, bit of a rubbish pic tho =[
Us being geeky lool we like the flat ^_^


Sammi xoxo