Im back!! [Pic Heavy]

Hey everyone!! Im finally back lol, I have been soooo tired i havent had chance to post but im back with a vengance lool [is that how u spell it?]
Egypt was AMAZINGGG, we went on a cruise down the nile for a week, if you ever get the chance to go…GO! The sights are stunning..the temples, tombs and the river bank.

The men…are very strange and pervy lool =/they kept asking how many camels our parents wanted for us lol

I got really exited at the markets because they had soooo many nice scarfs!! i ended up getting 3 but i wanted like all of them haha.

Victorias Secret!!! I was so exitedd lool

Naked Honey Skin Salve..smells sooo good

Random pic from my slr

Little girl from the Nambian Village we visited

Beautiful Sunset

Me and Danny with the shopkeeper and the massage woman =] He was called Peter lol bless

Me getting exited lol

Nathan who we met out there and me and Dan

Arab Moneyyy

Before going for Dinner

I chopped my hair off coz it was far tooooo hot! It was like 42 Degrees celcius

First sunset..bit far down soz lol

At the airport

Thank you all for reading and sorri about the lateness!
I’ll be posting again soon =]
Its all crazy rite now with work and im going away again on Sunday lol

What would you guys like to see me vlog or blog about?

Peace & Love xoxo