Much M.A.C

Thought i’d share properly the make-up I got on my b-day,


I wrote the longest [hopefull] b-day list lol but obviously didnt expect all of it from my family cause it adds up to alot lol but heres what i got:

So these are:

M.A.C eyeshadow 4x palette
Eyeshadow in HoneyLust
M.A.C blusher in Fleur Power
Bobbi Brown Skin foundation in Warm Natural
M.A.C Lipstick in LoveLorn
M.A.C Eye Kohl in Smoulder
M.A.C Eyashadow brush 213
Duo Fibre Brush 188

This is LoveLorn, i reeeali wanted a pink lipstick! And as ive said before i only own like 2 Lipsticks, im so late on my lipstick collection..ive got buckets of lipgloss lol ANYWAY! I wanna do the kinda bright pink Rihanna look maybee!

Heres what it looks like…sorri its a bit in your face lol..
Honey Lust is hard to show up on camera because its quite glittery [kinda] so i tried to swatch it for you guys, this is the best i could do

Close-up of Fleur Power, a nice rosey colour, Loverrlyyy! I reaalyy want a peachy colour next as peach is supposed to be a good colour for Tanned/Exotic skin

I’ll do a seperate Blog about the Foundation, Hint: ITS GOOD!


Im going away on holiday on monday!! so i can do a few more posts hopefully before i go but after monday i wont be able to post for about a week, sorri Guys!

Thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday!! Much love <3
Any requests for posts or videos for me to do?
Let me know

Sammi xoxo