A Simple Review

Just a quick review of The simple, oil balancing Moisturiser

Ive always had a battle to find moisturiser that actually works and makes a difference, I used to use body lotion on my face but since doing my beauty course and reading many blogs i realised how bad and heavy it is for the skin! So i firstly brought the Olay age defying moisturister thinking i was smart because if it tightens skin for aged skin…it would make mine even tighter and amazing
It didnt atall and it made my skin soo greasy! At the time i was also using the st Tropez bronzing mosse and that and the olay made me look like an oil slick =[

So i made a change and went and brought this Simple Moisturiser, after watching the lovely Shirleys Vlog on her skincare and thought id give the moisturiser a try because i already have the wipes.


This is soooo good if you are prone to oily skin which i am more than dry, My skin is combination but more on the oily side =[ [This is better for when you get old though yay] When you put it on it smoothes over your skin lightly and drys very quickly, sometimes i have to add a bit but it still dosent make you greasy. Its a great base for make-up and my skin dosent start to look oily throughout the day.

Thumbs Up!

Sammi xoxo