The Woman In Black

Hey guys =]
so yesterday my parents and sister surprised me by taking me uptown to see the woman in Black! Its a theatre play about a ghost story in which a man is haunted by the ghost of a woman in black. Its SCARYY!! You should see it if you get the chance =] Anywho so we went to see it and i lovveddd it and after we made our way back to paddington to get home…
Heres a fewww pix

On the way…i thought id show you my new ring!

Outside the theatre! Its the most haunted theatre in
the west end!

Tickets and programme =]

‘Take Tranquillisers’ loool whaa

Im really not this tall..the heels are big lol
An Irish man insisted on taking this photo!

We found the pineapple studios and i got xited lol

This bike fell over when i got off of it =o

Have any of you seen the woman in black?

In other news…

Its my B-day Tomorrowww!!!!!

Yayyyyy =D im gonna be 20
Im exited not to be a teenager cause hopefully people
take you a little bit more seriously lol

Sammi xoxo