Revlon Colourstay vs. Bobbi Brown Skin foundation

Hey guys i thought after my Foundation video i’d do a vs. between my current foundation
and my new Revlon Colourstay foundation which ive heard ALOT about!

So below is a photo of swatches of the two foundations

As you can see, the bobbi brown foundation is alot more yellow in tone than the Revlon,
It looks alot more brown, it has more of a red tone.

I put the two foundations on either side of my face
(bear in mind the lighting was a little brighter on the right side aswell)

The revlon is a bit clearer to see because of the lighting but you can see that the
Revlon actually dosent look to red/dark on the skin and it gives quite an even coverage.

The break down

The Bobbi Brown foundation is excellent, the only thing is, because it is very water-based, you have to layer it up to get better coverage, I think it is more useful as a summer-time foundation when you dont want the Foundation to be too thick,
I will use the Revlon Colourstay as my Autumn/Winter foundation because the coverage is better in one application and it does stay on all day, i dont really need to touch it up.


I actually recommend both foundations, however if you are needing a good foundation for this winter i recommend Revlon Colourstay, it would also be good for nights out because it stays put in most conditions

Let me know!

Have you tried either of these?
Know of any other brilliant foundations?
What do you think?

Sammi xoxo