Rihanna @ Fashion Week

mmm i got a bar of ‘divine’ dark chocolate in my Marie-Claire magazine ^_^

anywho so ive been looking at style.com and who made this autumns fashion week,
Rihanna popped up a few times so i thought i’d share what i thought of what she wore;

This was rihanna’s take on the underwear-as-outerwear trend this year, i dont think this outfit as a whole though is very successful =

I do like thigh-high boots though.

Here she is at the Gaultier show, she reminds me of spiderwoman…if there was a spiderwoman, i always like black but i think this is a little scary, the hair is better than in the picture before though.

So overall i didnt realy like what she wore at the fashion shows this autumn, [uve probably seen her in the black sheer striped dress]

Id never personally wear anything that she dressed in but then she probably dressed this way to make a statement.

I’ve loved RhiRhi for ages but i think i need to move on to someone else as fashion inspriation.

Sammi xoxo