Vaseline Coca-butter Review

I wanted to do a review on this coca butter becuase ive had a love-hate relationship with it!
When i first tried it i thought i wasted my money to be honest because, its very thick, creamy-oil like liquid, and it says to apply after your shower, so id would have a shower then dry and then put it on, but that made me feel totally greasy and oily.
I used to end up trying to wipe it off because i didnt like how it felt.
Next i tried applying it when still soaking wet from the shower lol, and then towel-dry, and it did work this time, the only drawback might be that youre getting vaseline oil stuff on your towel but i can promise that it leaves your skin feeling AMAZINGLY soft,
And it pretty much lasts all day!


When used the right way its a really quick and easy substitute to using body cream after a shower/bath and a + it smells AMAZING!