Me and Jexie (www.vintagevanitidoll.blogspot.com) have come up with our own buisness =]


Mobile make-up artists, hair and fashion stylists,

If you live in London or near Southampton in the U.K and would like your make-up or hair done for an occassion or just for fun, just send us an e-mail or call and we can book you an appointment and discuss prices. We also do tutorials if you would like to learn how to do a certain look or master a technique.

We’re still in the process of sorting out all our details but here is a list of the make-up looks we can do;

Natural look Make-up
Pin-up inspired make-up
Celebrity inspired make-up
Colourful eye make-up
Smokey eye make-up
Fancy-dress make-up
Beachy/Summer make-up
Catwalk and trend make-up


Visit and join our facebook group =]


What do you think of our idea? We need some feedback so that we could improve any ideas or just to let us know if u think its a thumbs up or down!

Sammi xoxo