Illamasqua Haul & Swatches

Hey guys, for our makeup course at the moment we needed to use some Illamasqua products for our project. I have been wanting to purchace some Illamasqua FOREVER! and i finally got the chance!
I felt like a kid in a candy store lol but i choose some bronze products, a blush and a pure Pigment.

I purchased :
Blush – Tweak
Bronzing Duo – Glint and Writhe
Liquid Metal – Solstice
Pure Pigment – Fervent
This is what they look like opened, mind you its with flash

A swatch for the ever-so-popular Solstice Liquid Metal, extremely pigmented..my favourite!
You can use this anywhere, i think i would look lovely in summer on the cheekbones.

Pure Pigment, a deep red with shimmers of green and what looks like gold, but it might just be the two together.
swiped on my hand and then blended in a little bit

Bronzing duo, there is a lighter highlighing shade and a more bronze shade, both gorgeous!

Glint and Writhe, not the best swatches but they do look beautiful on the face when applied properly

Now this is the Powder Blush ‘Tweak’
I was going to get a bubblegum pink shade but i heard so much about how you cant wear them if you are not fair skinned..so i listened to this info and purchaced Tweak which is a deep pink/red blush, i like it but i think i would like a bubblegum pink even better! Next time i wont follow any ‘rules’ lol

But this shade is meant to be great for olive to tanned skin, and probably dark skin aswell.

These photos show it swatched and then blended.

Do you have any of these products?
What do you think of them?

Sammi xoxo