The Body Kraze Review

Hey guys =]
I will have a video up soon all about some products i received from ‘The Body Kraze’


Basically they are bath and body products such as bath bombs, soaps and bath salts.
I have a few (well..quite alot!) pictures of the bits and bobs i received so you can get the idea of how they look, unfortunatly, obviously i cant tell you how they smell! haha but I will try to explain =]

Everything I received:

2x Bath Bombs – Krazy Coconut & ‘Vanilla Bean’
Body Mousse – ‘Butt Naked’
2x Soaps – ‘All Natural Kraze Complexion bar’ &
‘Blazin Sugar’
Bath Salts – ‘Sweet Lemongrass’
Body Scrub – ‘Sweet Lemongrass’


Soaps: ‘Wild Pomegranate’
‘Indonesian Treat’
‘Fresh Breeze’
‘Classic Coach’

Lip Treatment – ‘Lip Magic’

Body Splash:
‘Sexy Miyako’
‘Wild Pomegranate’

(I had cut the bar of soap so i could use it twice)

The Soap Samples
‘Dreamy’ is my favourite Soap, Smells sweet & Fresh

The two Bath Bombs I choose
How pretty is the packaging?!

I took a close up photo so you could see an example of the natural ingredients which are used, no Parabens or anything bad included

The two bath bombs smell exactly how they are named, you can also definatly smell the Grapeseed oil and Cocoa Butter

The size compaired to my hand…Massive! They are twice the size of a ‘large’ Lush bath bomb


My Overall Thoughts:

I have been trying these products out now for around 2/3 weeks to make sure i could do a reliable review in my video and so i know exactly how i feel about the products.
I have to say that my favourite of what i was sent would be:

– Bath Bombs
– Dreamy Soap
-Whipped Shea Butter
– Body Mousse

The Whipped Shea Butter is the overall winner! Smells Divine and made my skin so soft.

Special Deal!
I asked if i could give my readers & subscribers a discount atall and they gave me a 10% discount code!


yey =]

Hope this was interesting for some of you!

Sammi xoxo