Rimmel Colour Show-off Lipstick – Red Fever Review

Hey all =]
I brought this lipstick a little while ago and at the time i totally forgot to blog about it, its from the Rimmel Colour Show-off range.
The range is made up of pinks and reds which is fine with me =] I would have brought a pink but i actually thought..i only have two red lipsticks so another one wouldnt hurt.

I swatched it in Boots and the colour impressed me, its a intense red shade, as shown below

Close up!

The promotional photo for the Lipstick (Georgia Jagger)

They Say:
Stretch lip colour to the limit !
LIP ADDICTIVE FORMULA High-definition colour fix pigments for saturated full-bodied colour.
Colour has never been so concentrated !
Velvet appeal finish with Gemstone complex: soft cushion feel.
Unsurpassed colour richness in any light ! UNRIVALED Colour Show-stopping colours for day & night.

My Natterings:
I do feel like the lipstick is very highly pigmented, its great if you want strong colour, I did top it up though over the hour or so i was wearing it the first time so im not sure about the staying power. If you want a good purse friendly lipstick and dont mind topping up id say go for it!
Another thing before i go, it isnt too moisturising, i felt it a little drying, so maybe also make sure you put vaseline or something of that sort on your lips beforehand.

Rating: * * * *

Hope this was helpfull!

Sammi xoxo