China Glaze Summery Varnishes Review!

Sorry about the sometimes messy application!

Hey dolls =]
I was recently ever so kindly sent some China Glaze nail varnishes to try out (yay!)
I have 2 or 3 china glaze colours which I brought a few months ago which i wasnt too blown away with so i sort of stopped purchasing China Glaze for a while and stuck to BarryM, I LOVE BarryM polishes but the only thing is..there are only so many colours you can have of theirs whereas China Glaze have a MASSIVE collection! So thats exciting. I was wanted to try out some more sometimes but hadnt got round to it.

I was sent 5 China Glaze Colours and 1 Base coat which is really handy because my nails arnt in the best condition so a base coat will help!

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Here they all are together

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‘Flip Flop Fantasy’ This is from the Poolside collection like two of the other polishes

This varnish looks like a bright neon pink / orange in the bottle and thats how it comes out, i put 2 coats to get a good coverage as the first coat came out a little streaky. Its a great bright colour but as it has a slight orange tone that puts me off a little bit as im sworn again orange nails on me! I dont think they look nice haha but the colour will look pretty amazing on tanned skin.

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‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ Also from the Poolside Collection

This is a very bright neon yellow, it looks very Neon in the bottle however when I have a few coats on my nail i feel like the neon aspect dimmed down a little bit and looks more just like a bright yellow which for me is actually better, i think neon yellow nails would scare me a little! It took around 3 coats to get the kind of colour that i like.

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‘Towel Boy Toy’ Also from the Poolside Collection

I really do like this colour, i knew i would as soon as i saw it! Its a gorgeous water-blue colour (if that makes sence…picture the perfect swimming pool…that kind of blue =]) Then it also has a subtle duo-chrome of a darker blue/purple colour which you dont notice too much once painted on your nail.
It actually dries kind of matt, i hoped it would be a little shinier but i suppose i just need to use a top coat =] Its a lovely bright beachy blue colour.

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‘Light as air’ From the up and away collection

*Sorry about the bad application & lighting! I will try to have better pictures up of it on the nail..its looks alot better than above lol*

This colour is gorgeous! It was another that striked me when i first saw it. Its a very very light lavender shade, very unusual for me..as in i dont have many colours like this atall and i love it, It works really well with my skin tone and i really love the subtleness of the colour. Im yet to paint all my nails with this one but i will be doing so tonight! It dosent dry as matt as the ones before mentioned which i like, its also a lovely summer colour (well most of them are)

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‘Stroll’ From the Retro Diva collection

This colour is lovely but it does actually remind me of Christmas! I think i’ll be saving it more for nights out and the autumn/winter time as it really is quite a festive colour but it is stunning. I’d say its a dark cherry – red colour with a washed down gold colour shimmer..the shimmer isnt too obnoxious and actually quite subtle when on the nail. Apologies for having to see it on my smallest nail! It dries with a lovely shine and the colour it comes out is a gorgeous dark red, a colour which is one of my favourite ‘when im feelin grown up’ colours lol!

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and here is the base coat varnish, I dont have too much to write about it as its not like i have been trying it for long but it done quite a good job at being my base, theres nothing too amazing or bad about it! Handy to have around =]

Overall im very happy with the varnishes I got and it has definatly pursuaded me to buy more China Glaze as i was more sceptical before but they do have some lovely colours!

I recommend – ‘Towel boy toy’ ‘Light as air’ and ‘Stroll’ most =]

Im very gratefull for having the chance to try them out and glad i got to share the experience with you guys!

Do you have any China Glaze? Which are your favourite colours?

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