The Saturdays Inspired Makup tutorial – Collab with ShirleyBEniang!

Hey guys, Me and the wonderfull Shirley decided to do a collaboration video!
We choose to use The Saturdays – Ego video as inspiration, I choose Frankies look and Shirley choose Vanessa’s =]

So i’ve added the videos below for you guys! Hope you like them, I have to say i absolutly love Shirleys! Makes me want to wear it on a night out! hehe

My left and right eye are not totally even im aware of that however because the second eye i done turned out alot better than the first i didnt want to adjust she shape to match because the second went better! (if you know what i mean lol)
Enjoy =]

My Frankie Look

Shirley’s Vanessa Look

Sammi xoxo