The art of darkness – The Illamasqua Event

I was kindly invited to the Illamasqua event which took place yesterday, i was so excited! So i met up with Shirley and we made our way to the event after we quickly stopped for a frapp!
The shop is located on Beak street, if you’re not familiar its at the end of Carnaby street (American Apparel end) Its a very apt location! the trendy and unique part of town ^_^

We were able to have a sneak peek at the new flagship store which was so exciting! It was amazing, sparkly, sleek, bold and bright, it ticks all the boxes! We had an introduction to the new collection named ‘The art of darkness’, we then watched a short film which was beautiful and mysterious, lots of visuals of the makeup collection used to full potential. The new collection is based around jewel-like colours and golds, The colours are rich, dark and intense, perfect for A/W.

We then listened to Alex Box as she introduced the collection further and we also listened about the new store and the makeup classes which will soon be available (exciting!) I was so stunned by Alex Box and it was truly amazing to meet her, I’ve loved her work for a long long time & shes the nicest person & so down-to-earth! (sorry i’m rambling a bit but it had to be said lol)

I also got to meet Spob for the second time, she showed me and Shirley a new nail varnish and we had a little chat! (We all loved Shirley’s new rings! lol) Everyone who we met was so lovely and really went out of their way to explain everything and answer any questions as much as they could! I want to say a big thank you for that ^_^

We tried the smoking drink (which was ice cold!) and had a play with some of the new products and nattered away, we then all received some lovely goodie bags and bid farewell to everyone!

It was such a great experience and i’m so glad i had the chance to see the store and see the gorgeous new collection. A big thank you at everyone at illamasqua for the event!

p.s – I received some exciting bits and bobs in the goodie bag and i will be doing another blog all about the products i received from the new collection. Keep posted!

Thank you all for reading and im so sorry if i typed so much but I just had to share everything!

Sammi xoxo