Winchester in an hour

Top – H&M
Boots – Primark
Bag – H&M

So me and the boy decided to visit Winchester because we stay in Southampton which is really close but we hadn’t ever been there before.
when we reached the high street we were pleasantly surprised, its very small and quaint with cute little shops and its very characteristic.
The town has the oldest ever church (apparently!) & pub, it has alot of old buildings and roman ruins.
What caught my eye most though was the Cath Kidston shop (girls lol) It really stands out on the high street and i went and had a look inside having never been there before. The shop is the cutest thing i have seen!
Theres a Cath Kidston website if you want to check it out =]

We walked around for an hour and took a few snaps. Cute town!

Have any of you been to Winchester? Do you like it?

Samantha x