Bright old Brighton

We drove over to Brighton for the day, I needed to get some photos for my uni project & I also wanted to take photos for this lil old blog lol ^_^
Brighton is very different to Southampton, (i’d been before but just for a dance show when i used to dance) The town is alot bigger and theres loads and loads of little trendy roads and alleys. There are TONS of vintage shops if you like a bit of vintage. We had a look around the shops but there wasn’t anything that caught my eye really.
The people there are very trendy and vintage looking (not all but a good few) Its definatly worth a visit! Theres also alot of street art and ethnic influences.
The three girls in the image we asked for a photo (well Ricky asked..i was a little shy lol) because i thought they perfectly reflected the street style of the area, they looked so unique and all together even better.
Hope you like the photos =] I know i take alot of photos of just buildings and streets but I reckon it really gives you a feel of the place, what do you think?
Ever been to brighton? What do you think?
Sam xoxo