Spur of the Momento

I recently was in chill mode the other night, browsing tumblr and I got inspired by some photos, well, I had been inspired for a while but just didn’t get round to it, I shaved the side of my head…and added a pattern, well a line..is that still called a pattern? haha
I done it in a little mirror with a few side lights & fairy lights on so that was a bit silly, excuse me if its not perfect haha (I know its defiantly not)
When I style my hair I can choose to let it show or to hide it so that always good. I like it but its so weirdly short! when i look at just that area i feel very boy-ish haha

Anywho something I always say is ‘Its just hair’ People take it way too seriously sometimes..it always grows back!

The picture above…your probably thinking….wtf? Basically thats a little sneek peek of my first Halloween makeup tutorial, I’ll be editing it tomorrow morning and posting it either tomorrow or the day after…exciting!

Im so excited for Halloween! Its my favourite time of the year along with christmas, Im not sure what to dress up as yet.

Are you doing anything good for halloween?

p.s – I saw Paranormal Activity 2 last night, Its really good and so much scarier than the first! I was on the edge of my seat! ahh!

Samantha x