Vitamin Water lipschtick’s

Hey dolls!
Recently I was approached and asked if I would like to try the new vitamin water ‘lipschticks’ that will be soon coming out. I agreed as i thought..ooh i like vitamin water & i would like to see what they came out with! It does seem a bit weird, beauty blog and vitamin water but I thought if they are good I’d want to let you guys know!
They sent over a month’s supply of the vitamin water and also 6 of the lipschticks.

I have liked vitamin water since it first came out, i wont go into detail about it because you have probably mostly all tried it already! i think my favourite flavour is dragonfruit.

The Lipschtikcs came in two flavours, The dragonfruit flavour & Fruit punch flavour. Now at first I thought, as the drinks have quite a subtle flavour it might be the same with the lipschticks, however they are much stronger and remind me of lip products i used to use when i was quite young, ones that smelt of strawberries etc, I don’t think they smell or taste like the vitamin water flavours.

The products didn’t really moisturise my lips too much, the product disappeared quite quickly and i was left with a artificial flavour taste in my mouth.

So all in all I have to say i really do like the waters, but the lip products i wouldn’t recommend if you are looking for something to help condition your lips like Carmex does for example. If you just want something with flavour then you might like them.

Hope this might help some of you if you were wondering!

Samantha xx