Furry Pixie Boots

Hey dolls,
So yesterday I got some new boots for winter, I’ve got other boots which are grey & black but are quite masculine so I really wanted some boots which had a slightly softer look and faux fur is rather popular this season (I like it anyway if its in or not)
They are from River Island and are around £44, There are some similar ones in Topshop which are even more expensive and I think aren’t even as nice so if you like these try and grab em!
I think they’ll go really well with opaque tights and probably skinny jeans/Jeggings aswell. Im excited to start wearing them! ^_^
They feel really sturdy which is another reason why I like em, I dont like buying shoes that feel like they’ll wear out in days!
They kind of remind me of Peter pan shoes? Don’t ask why lol
Samantha x