A week in close-ups

A few images I have taken more recently and over the past week =]
How are you all? excited for christmas? I cant wait! I do love the snow but not when it stops us all from getting around though! gr lol But anywho as I wait for our cottage pie (veggie version) to be served as im back at my family home, I have collected these images together as i thought you might like them =]
1. I had a friend over recently and we had fajitas and a cheeky cheesecake for dessert, it was cut and then i realised it was a peace sign! aw =]
2. My new floral headband I brought from primark yesterday (where I bumped into a subscriber, hii!) It was only £2 and i squealed when i saw it, Ive been looking for one everywhere!
3. Starbucks trip, it was freezing outside so the window looked all frosty
4. Balmshell Lipglosses which are so cute! I received them in the post a few days ago =]
5. The jewellery which I bought home to London with me, excluding my trusty necklaces!
6. My advent calender
7. One of our dogs in the snow, she didnt realise she had snow on her nose i think haha aw!
8. A picture which I brought for my room from TK maxx, i’m in love with it! & my floral headband
Hope you all had a lovely weekend and I hope you have a good week running up to christmas!
(I have something very exciting to share with you all for my next post..stay tuned!)
Samantha xoxo