Face of fashion #3 + Send me your style

Hey dolls,
Another batch of London street style!
Hope you like, i’m also going to something rather exciting!
For my FMP magazine I will be including a street style section where you can send me your photos and I will include them in an ‘online’ section of the magazine!
I love snapping street style out and about but it would be great also to get photos of your style if you would be willing to send them over to me! [You don’t have to be from anywhere specific]
When I get enough I will also blog them so you would be featured on my blog along with your blog address if you wanted =]
Please also send along:
– Your name
– Age
– Where you are from
– Blog address (if you have one)
– How you’d explain your style
– Your inspirations =]
The photos should be of a good quality with good lighting and full length, just showing your personal style. think along the lines of the fabulous llymlrs self portrait photos or Lookbook style.
Get snapping your outfits and send them along to: faceoffashion@hotmail.co.uk
Cant wait to see them! hope you enjoyed this post =]
Sammi xoxo